Crochet Gift Basket Ideas using Free Crochet Patterns

Handmade gifts are always the best and here are some fun themed crochet gift basket ideas for you to use this holiday season and all year round.

Below I have put together several gift baskets made mostly with crocheted items. Most items are quick and easy projects with a few medium to large size projects mixed in.

Handmade gifts are always the best and here are some fun themed crochet gift basket ideas for you to use this holiday season and all year round.  - Spa Basket photo

Crochet Gift Basket Ideas

These crochet gift baskets are only meant to be an inspiration for you. Don’t feel obligated to make every item for your gift basket. Pick and choose what you want, add some store-bought items, omit any larger crochet projects that you do not have time to make. The recipient will still love the thought and effort put into their gift.

crochet spa gift basket

Spa Crochet Gift Basket

Who doesn’t like to pamper themselves? This basket includes everything for a comfortable spa night.

Patterns in this Basket:
Spiral Face Scrubbies
Spa Headband
Soap Rest
Soap Saver
Spiral Washcloth
Thick Socks
Non-crochet Items to Add:
– Face Mask
– Handmade Soap

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Crochet hair accessory gift basket

Hair Accessory Gift Basket

Keep them looking stylish with this hair accessory gift basket. Most of these projects are quick and easy, so stuff the basket full of accessories in every color.

Patterns in this Basket:
Hair Tie
Twisted Earwarmer
Quick Scrunchies
Knotted Headband
Prismatic Beanie

crochet patterns for coffee or tea lovers

Coffee (Or Tea) Lover Crochet Gift Basket

If your friends or family like to sit back with a cup of coffee or tea then this gift basket is for them.

Patterns in this Basket:
Buttoned Cup Cozy
Travel Cup Cozy (Embroider their Initial on it!)
Mug Rug
Coaster Set
Non-crochet Items to Add:
– Pack of Gourmet Tea or Coffee Beans

Printable inserts for the cup cozy and travel mug are available to newsletter subscribers.

crochet patterns for people that like to cook

Cook or Chef Gift Basket

Does someone you know love to cook? Stock there kitchen with some essentials. They will think of you every time they want to whip something up.

Patterns in this Basket:
Hand Towels
Chef Gnome
Cup Cozy
Bowl Cozy

Remember to tell the receiver that yarn is not to be used in the microwave. Place cozies on the item after it has been heated up.

baby crochet patterns

Crochet Baby Gift Basket

Did someone just have a baby? Baby items work up fast and make filling a basket with them easy.

Patterns in this Basket:
Baby Lovey
Baby Blanket (This one works up fast!)
Baby Beanie
Flower or Bow Headband
Baby Sensory Book

toddler pattern ideas

Toddler Gift Basket

Is the baby you crocheted for no longer a baby? Here are some fun items for a toddler-themed basket.

Patterns in this Basket:
Sensory Block
Toddler Bib
Container Garden
Twisted Ear Warmer
Crochet Sensory Book
Color Sorting Mat

Please consider the child when making toys from them. If they are still putting things in their mouth then they are not ready to play with crocheted toys.

Christmas decor crochet gift basket

Winter Holiday Basket

This basket would make a wonderful hostess gift for Thanksgiving. A lot of people like to decorate for the winter the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Patterns in this Basket:
Mini Advent Calendar
Picture Ornaments
Tree Set and Gnome Ornaments
Tree Towel Topper
Snowman Couple
Tree Washcloth

camping related crochet patterns

Camping or Outdoors Gift Basket

What about the outdoorsman or woman? Here is a fun-themed basket that is great for campers, hikers, and picnickers.

Patterns in this Basket:
Ribbed Beanie
Plaid Cowl
Portable Checker’s Game
First Aid Bag
Tissue Pouch
Water Bottle Holder
Non-crochet Items to Add:
– Fill the First Aid kit with bandaids, ointments, and more.
– Fill the Tissue pouch with tissues, chapstick, and hand sanitizer.

eco friendly crochet patterns

Eco-Friendly Reuseable Basket

Is someone you know pitching in to save the planet? Here are some great reusable and earth-friendly items.

Patterns in this Basket:
Market Bag (You can never have too many!)
Face Scrubbies
Air Plant Holder
Produce Bags
Water Bottle Carrier (not pictured. Oops!)

fall themed crochet gift basket patterns

Fall Decorations Gift Basket

Get your friend’s home or office space ready for fall! I have been tucking crocheted pumpkins into a lot of gift baskets this year.

Patterns in this Basket:
Mini Pumpkins and Gourds
Turkey Gnome
Hand Towels (Make them in fall colors!)

Non-crochet Items to Add:
– Pumpkin Flavored baked goods.
– Fall scented candle

get well soon basket patterns

Get Well Soon Basket

Being sick is no fun. Make it a little more bearable with some of these crocheted gifts.

Patterns in this Basket:
Tissue Pouch
Cup Cozy
Thick Socks
Bowl Cozy
Non-crochet Items to Add:
– Can of Soup
– Tea Bags

Remember to tell the receiver that yarn is not to be used in the microwave. Place cozies on the item after it has been heated up.

house warming gift basket

Crochet House Warming Basket

Buying a new house is so excited. Celebrate the event with a cute crocheted house warming basket.

Patterns in this Basket:
Plant Cozy
Hanging Wall Pocket
Hand Towels
Mug Rugs or Coasters
Hexagon Organization Basket
Non-crochet Items to Add:
– New house plant for the plant cozy.

teacher gift basket

Teacher’s Basket

Show your kid’s teacher some love with a little basket of crocheted gifts.

Patterns in this Basket:
Pencil Cup Cozy
Teacher Gnome
C2C Teacher’s Tote (A bigger project.)
Pencil Pouch
Apple Cup Cozy

crochet gift basket

Let’s Learn to Crochet Basket

Ok, so this basket does not have any crocheted items in it but I thought it would be a fun basket to include. If you have someone you want to teach to crochet, consider making them a gift basket with all they would need to get started crocheting.

This gift basket could include:
– Balls or Skeins of Yarn
– 1-2 Crochet Hooks
– Scissors
– Yarn Needle
– A Hook Pouch
– 12 Beginner Crochet Pattern E-book

The E-book is a free gift that is available to all my newsletter subscribers. Subscribing is free and the book is a great way to teach new crocheters how to read very simple patterns. This book is designed for personal use but it is fine to print a few copies to include in a gift basket like this.

I hope you enjoy seeing these crochet gift basket ideas. If you have any ideas for gift basket themes that I did not include, let me know in the comments below and I may add that to the list to help inspire others.

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