Teacher’s C2C Modern Tote Bag Free Crochet Pattern

The Teacher’s C2C Modern Tote Bag free crochet pattern is the perfect teacher’s gift for Teacher’s Appreciation Day or the end of the school year. This flat bottom and lined crochet tote will be treasured. Let your kids’ favorite teacher know how much they mean to you by making them a durable and stylish Teacher’s Tote.

Below you will find the complete pattern and instructional photos for this crochet bag. You will also find all the materials, stitches, gauge, and sizing information. If you would like all of this in a nicely formatted printable format, you can purchase the Ad-Free Large Print PDF Pattern.

The Teacher's C2C Modern Toe Bag free crochet pattern is the perfect handmade teacher's gift. The step by step tutorial will talk you through how to make this crochet bag with all the beautiful details. #crochetbag #c2ccrochet #moderncrochet #crochettote

What inspired the Teacher’s C2C Modern Tote Bag

I am shamed to say that until this year, I would not have been able to tell you which month Teacher Appreciation Day is in. I was a good student, made good grades, and honestly took my great teacher’s for granted.

Now as a mother of a soon-to-be Kinder-garter, I already appreciate everything the teachers and the school that we have visited is doing to ensure my child has a great education.

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I have spent the last year and a half trying to teach my son his ABC’s and to count to 20. It is not an easy job with his short attention span. Even with the internet full of advice, I feel like I have fallen short.

Teaching is not an easy job and I really admire the men and women who have the patience to help teach our children what they need to know as they grow up.

The Teacher's C2C Modern Toe Bag free crochet pattern is the perfect handmade teacher's gift. The step by step tutorial will talk you through how to make this crochet bag with all the beautiful details. #crochetbag #c2ccrochet #moderncrochet #crochettote

Getting Creative with Your Tote Bag

The design on this Tote Bag is perfect for a Teacher, but this is not the only design you could display on this trendy tote. The books and apple could be replaced with any 21 square by 21 square design.

When it comes to bags, I think the details really matter. Follow the instructions below to learn how to add a lining to your bag, eyelets and a rope handle to make this modern tote bag really stand out.

Get creative with the fabric you choose, the C2C design you use and all the extras you add to the bag.

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C2C Modern Tote Bag Materials

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Stitches to Know

For this pattern I am making the assumption that you know how to work the Square Stitch with the Corner to Corner technique to create a rectangle. This is the common stitch just know as C2C crochet.

If you do not know how to C2C Crochet I have written an in-depth tutorial with photos, graphs, and videos to teach you how to increase, decrease and how to crochet a rectangle with Corner to Corner Crochet.

I even have a video for how to add a Single Crochet border around the edge of your work. You can learn all of that in this post here: The Complete Beginners Guide to Corner to Corner Crochet.

If you are a C2C enthusiast already, then you may want to check out all my Free C2C patterns and graphs.

Gauge and Finish Measurement

The Gauge for this project is 3 Squares x 3 Sqaures = 2 inches x 2 inches.

When deciding on the size of this tote, I turned to my cousin who is a teacher and together we made sure this tote was large enough to hold a least two Teacher’s Manuals.

This tote is 13 inches tall, 12 inches wide and 4 inches deep.

The Teacher's C2C Modern Toe Bag free crochet pattern is the perfect handmade teacher's gift. The step by step tutorial will talk you through how to make this crochet bag with all the beautiful details. #crochetbag #c2ccrochet #moderncrochet #crochettote

Teacher’s C2C Modern Tote Graph

The first thing you will want to do is to crochet this Corner to Corner Crochet chart. It is a 27 by 54 square chart. Please be aware that the black squares on this chart are ‘open stitches’. I will show you how to do these below.

The open stitches will be where we add our eyelets.

C2C Teacher's Modern Tote Bag

C2C Open Stitch

To create an open stitch in C2C, you will simple Chain 6 then Slip Stitch to the next turning Chain. This is shown in image 1 below. Then during the next row you will simply treat the Chain 6 as if it is a normal stitch and crochet over it. You can see this in image 2. It is that simple.

Crochet Tote Sewing Instructions

Once your C2C rectangle is complete with the C2C open stitches worked into it you are ready to turn your rectangle into a tote. This is one of my favorite sewing techniques.

First simply fold you rectangle in half, line up the edges and sew the sides together. I just used a whip stitch for this. If you need more guidance on how to sew crochet pieces together, check out this tutorial.

I also edged the top of my bag with a row of Single Crochet, you can learn how to do that with this video tutorial.

Teacher's modern tote bag sewing instructions

Next, open up your bag and press one side seam so that it lines up directly with the bottom of the bag. This will create a point at the corner.

Measure 2 inches up from the center of the point and sew a horizontal line across the bag. You are aiming for the sew line to measure 4 inches. This will cause your bag to have a flat bottom. When you are done, fold the other side seam down and repeat the process.

I like to tack (make a few stitches to hold it in place) the point to the bottom of the bag so that it stays put.

Tote Liner Sewing Instructions

I highly recommend lining your C2C modern tote bag. This liner will prevent items from falling out of your bag and prevent the bag from stretching out of shape.

Take your half yard of fabric and cut it to be a rectangle that is 1 inch wider and taller than you crocheted rectangle. This should be approximately 17 inches by 33 inches but it is beast if you measure your own rectangle and add an inch to the length and width.

Now fold you rectangle in half with the right side (bright and prettier side) facing inward, like the photo below and sew down the two sides leaving a 1/2 inch seam allowance. This is easier and quicker with a sewing machine but can also be done by hand.

Now repeat the same instructions as above with the corners of your liner. Again you should be seeing on the wrong side (the duller side) of the fabric. Press the corners flat and sew a horizontal line about 2 inches up from the center of the point. You are trying to get your sew line to measure 4 inches or the same as your crocheted bag sides.

Adding our Liner to our Tote Bag

To add a liner is to put your liner into your bag and sew it in place. Before you do this I recommend turning down the top of your liner down half an inch. It is a good idea to iron this down, but not necessary.

Now put your liner into your bag and pin it in place with the half inch folded down in-between the bag and liner to hide the raw edge.

Now you will need to sew the liner in place. You can easily do this by hand or with a machine.

Adding Eyelets to your Tote Bag

When you are creating something and you want to make it special, it all comes down to the details. I love using different sewing notions to make my bags look professional. Eyelets are one of the easiest sewing notions to use. These eyelets are going to keep our handles from stretching out and wearing down our crochet stitches.

You already have a hole made in the crochet bag to use for you eyelet. Just take the top side of your eyelet and use it as a guide to make a circle with a pen on your fabric.

Make sure you have your liner fabric pulled down and lined up correctly with the C2C open stitch before marking and cutting out the hole for the eyelet.

How you insert eyelets can vary based on brand but the basic instructions is to make a smaller hole into the fabrics you are putting the eyelets into.

Following the instructions insert the two pieces of the eyelets into the hole and use the tool included in the kit to hammer the eyelets in place. Please be aware that their is a right and wrong side to the eyelets. The side that gets hammered should be on the inside of your bag.

I recommend hammering on a solid surface like a concrete floor. A table will not be sturdy enough to cause the back of the eyelet to curl down and lock everything in place. Go ahead and install all four of your eyelets.

C2C Modern Tote Bag Handles

To really make this bag unique I used a cording for the handles. Rope and cording is one of my favorite things to use for handles. I used them for the Fish Beach Backpack as well.

For this bag we are creating two double thick cord handles. First cut two pieces of cord 55 inches long. Then fold the cord in half and make a very small mark with a pen or marker in the very center of the cord.

Working on one side of the bag, weave one end into the first eyelet and out of the other outlet on the same side of the bag. You can see this in the photo below.

Pull the ends together so that they meet each other. Line theses ends up in the center of the cord (where you made your mark). Using thread and a sewing needle, sew the cords together. You can also use some hot glue for extra security.

Now glue a contrasting color of yarn and wrap it around both cords to hide you stitches and glued areas. I made a section that was 3.5 inches wide in the very center of the handle. Repeat this for the other handle.

Now your C2C Modern Tote Bag is complete and ready to be gifted or used. I just love how durable and high quality this tote bag feels. So much better than the canvas bags that we are usually using to haul things around in.

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Crochet C2C Modern Tote Bag, perfect for a teacher's gift or hauling books. Free crochet pattern by WInding Road Crochet. #cornertocorner #crochetbag
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