Herringbone Crochet Border: How to Crochet

This herringbone crochet blanket border is a great addition to any blanket. It is a very simple border with a ...
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A Practical Crochet Planner you will Love

Don’t you wish you could just be playing with yarn all the time. Sadly there is everyday chores that need ...
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Rib Crochet Border: How to Crochet

This simple rib crochet blanket border is a great addition to any blanket. It is a very traditional looking border ...
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Alpine Stitch Crochet Blanket Border: How to Crochet

The alpine stitch blanket border is a great addition to any blanket. It has a slightly textured surface that looks ...
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How to Line a Crochet Blanket with Fabric

Crochet blankets are amazing on their own but if you line a crochet blanket with soft flannel fabric, it becomes ...
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Learn to crochet the bobble stitch witht this video and photo tutorial and then use it to make a quick and easy soap mat pattern.

Camel Stitch Blanket Border Tutorial

Most borders require a certain number of stitches to work correctly, but the camel stitch blanket border does not. This ...
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Bobble Stitch Crochet Tutorial + Practice Pattern

The bobble stitch is a great way to add texture and pizazz to a project. Learn to crochet the bobble ...
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How to Change Colors in Crochet

Learning to change colors in crochet can turn your projects for plain to amazing. I truly consider learning to change ...
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Linked Double Crochet Stitch Tutorial + Video

The Linked Double Crochet stitch has all the benefits of a Double Crochet but none of the big holes. I ...
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Crochet Moss Stitch Square Tutorial + Video

Working the Moss Stitch Square is easy and makes a great blanket. The moss stitch is one of my favorite ...
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Crochet Blanket Border: Mini Basketweave

Full of texture, this crochet blanket border will look great around any blanket. I have recently become obsessed with creating ...
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Moss Stitch Crochet Tutorial

The moss stitch is a beautiful beginner-friendly crochet stitch pattern. If I had to choose a favorite stitch, the moss ...
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Embroidering on Crochet: Crochet Painting Part 4

Embroidering on crochet is an easy way to make our creations special. I am so happy we have made it ...
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Crochet Appliques: Crochet Paintings Part 3

Now it is time to really add some pizzazz to our crochet paintings. In part three, we will be creating ...
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Single Crochet Applique: Crochet Painting Part 2

Oh, I am so happy we have made it to part 2 of our Crochet Painting Crochet A Long. In ...
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Crochet Background: Crochet Painting Week 1

Woohoo! Week one of our crochet-along and I hope you have your yarn and hooks ready. Don't worry this is ...
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How to Crochet Folded Stitches

Folded crochet stitches are a wonderful way to add thick texture as a border or in the center of a ...
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Convert a C2C Graph to Double Crochet

Want to know how to convert a C2C Graph to Double Crochet? That is what I am going to show ...
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Learn how to use crochet stitch markers and some extra tips and tricks for using stitch markers. Also learn where to get the printable stitch marker tags. #crochettips #stitchmarkers #crochetstitchmarkers

How to Use Stitch Markers in Crochet

When was the last time you used a stitch marker when crocheting? Stitch markers are one of the handiest tools ...
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Learn to crochet the Bean stitch with this crochet video tutorial. The bean stitch is a wonderful texture crochet stitch. #crochetstitch #crochetstitchtutorial

Bean Stitch Crochet Tutorial

The bean stitch has a beautiful texture similar to the puff stitch, except in sits at an angle and interlocks ...
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Follow the photo or video tutorial to learn to crochet the beautiful bead stitch. #crochetstitch #crochettutorial

Bead Stitch Crochet Tutorial

The bead stitch has to be one of my new favorite stitches. It is like a puff stitch but worked ...
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Mini Berry Stitch Video Tutorial

Are you looking for a crochet stitch that provides lots of texture and a rustic and a bit messy look? ...
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Learn to create raised crochet cables without post stitches. The Chain Cable stitch is a great alternative to the traditional crochet cables. Left and right handed video tutorial available. #crochetstitch #crochettutorial

Chain Cables Stitch Crochet Tutorial

I have to confess I still have not mastered crochet cables. That is why I love the crochet chain cables ...
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The crochet loop stitch is a beautiful stitch that makes loops while crocheting a fabric. Follow the video to photo tutorial to learn this unique crochet stitch. #crochetstitch #stitchtutorial

Loop Stitch Photo and Video Tutorial

I will be honest. I do not expect you to use the crochet Loop Stitch everyday. Once you get the ...
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Learn to crochet a beautiful ribbing texture using the crochet yarn over slip stitch ribbing. #crochetstitch #crochettutorial

Yarn Over Slip Stitch Tutorial

IT is always fun to learn new stitches and this stitch is a favorite of mine. The yarn over slip ...
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Learn to crochet the single rib stitch with this video tutorial and photo tutorial. The single rib stitch is a wonderful thick textured stitch that can be used for hat brims or blankets. Learn to crochet around the edge of your work to create a single crochet border. #crochetstitch #crochetutorial

Single Rib Stitch Crochet Tutorial

The Single Rib stitch is a deep texture that makes a beautiful brim on a hat and can be worked ...
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Learn how to crochet the alpine stitch with this photo and video tutorial. Video tutorial includes right and left handed instructions. #crochetstitch #Stitchtutorial

Alpine Stitch Crochet Tutorial

The Alpine stitch is a stitch I have been searching for a long time. I am serious. I found a ...
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waffle stitch

Waffle Stitch Crochet Tutorial

The waffle stitch is a beautiful deeply textured crochet stitch pattern. It is has deep square dips that gives it ...
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Learn to make the garden inspired carrot crochet stitch with this video tutorial. This is a great stitch to add some spring detail to any crochet project.

How to Crochet the Carrot Stitch: Video Tutorial

A little while ago I saw a beautiful example of the Moroccan tile stitch in the white, orange and green ...
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Magic Circle tutorial

Magic Circle Tutorial: A New Method

This Crochet Magic Circle Tutorial will show you a different way to make a Magic Circle. The Magic Circle or ...
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tangle free yarn storage

Tangle Free Yarn Storage: Quick and Easy DIY

I feel like I have tried every trick in the book or idea on pinterest to create the perfect Tangle ...
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Corner to Corner Crochet (C2C) for Beginners

Hello friends! I am so happy you have found your way to the How to Corner to Corner Crochet for ...
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How to Sew Crochet Pieces Together

We crochet because we want to, but then we sew because we have to. I wanted to take a minute ...
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Free Printable Yarn Bobbin | Use these yarn bobbins to keep your colors tangle free when working on crochet patterns that require multiple colors, tapestry crochet, or corner to corner crochet projects. These bobbins are quick and easy to make and great for beginner crocheters to help them tackle color work. Sign up for my newsletter to get access to this and other free printables.

Printable Yarn Bobbin: For Tangle Free Projects

I have a confession. Though it is true that I love to do tapestry crochet, and I love Corner to ...
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The front and back post double crochet technique can be used to create ribbing, basket weave, and cabling. You can this crochet stitch in many different patterns to create unique textures. I have created a clear video tutorial to walk you through the stitch. #crochet #stitch #crochetstitch #crochettutorial #stitchtutorial

Front Post and Back Post Crochet Stitch Video Tutorial

This post may contain affiliate links. For more information refer to my Terms and Conditions. The front post and back post ...
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Check out this tutorial for how to crochet the Herringbone Double Crochet stitch with straight edges. There is a photo tutorial, tips on creating a border, reducing gaps and keeping your edges straight. The Herringbone crochet stitch is a great stitch to learn if you love the look of knit stitches. Examples of stitch in different yarn weights. #crochet #knitlook #pinforlater #herringbone #doublecrochet

Herringbone Stitch Crochet Tutorial

This post may contain Affiliate links. This simply means if you use this link to purchase an item I get ...
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