How to Crochet Folded Stitches

Folded crochet stitches are a wonderful way to add thick texture as a border or in the center of a project. Crocheting Folded stitches is easy to do if you are familiar with working in the Front and Back Loops of a stitch.

Follow the video tutorial or photos below to learn how to do this stitch or click the button below to pin this tutorial for later.

I came across the folded stitches technique a while back but at the time I had no use for them. Then I started designing the Boho Crochet Coasters and I really wanted a thick border to finish the project. I tried using a crab stitch or the Candy Cane Border but neither stitch gave me the thickness I wanted. So I set off looking for something new.

The Folded Crochet Stitch gave me the thickness I was looking for. I just love the finished look of this stitch and plan to use it in upcoming patterns. What kind of projects would you use this stitch for

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How to Crochet Folded Stitches

Treble Crochet Row

The Folded Crochet Stitch is worked over two rows. The first row is a row of Treble Crochet worked into the front loops only. If you want to make increases in this row you definitely can.

Your first row will look like there is not enough stitches when completed, but after working the second row it will look much better.

crochet folded stitches

Folding Row

The second row can be worked using a slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet or double crochet. The photos below show the stitch used as a project border and uses the slip stitch for the folding row. The video below shows examples of the slip stitch and single crochet methods.

If you want to continue working rows after your folded stitches I recommend using a Single crochet or larger stitch for the folding row.

When working the second row of the stitch, you will work in the same direction as the first row.

The second row will be worked into the back loops of the two previous rows. This will cause the previous row to be folded in half and give you a thick texture.

To work the folding row with a slip stitch, you will insert your hook into the back loop of the next stitch and the back loop of the stitch of the previous row.

To find this easily I insert my hook into the back loop of the next stitch and follow that stitch down to find the stitch that this stitch was worked into. (You can see this clearly in the video tutorial).

crochet folded stitches

In the picture above the pink row is our row of treble crochet. The white row is a row of Single crochet worked before the row of trebles. The picture shows our hook inserted into the back loops of both of these rows.

Now you will yarn over and pull your loop up through both back loops. To complete your slip stitch just pull the first loop on you hook through the second. Your folded stitch is complete and you can continue making folded stitches around the project.

crochet folded stitches
Backside of Folding Stitch worked with a Slip Stitch.

Increasing with Folded Stitches

Folded crochet stitch can be used when working a flat crochet piece or when working in the round. When working in joined rounds you will need to be able to increase with the folded stitches.

To do this is very easy. You will want to work your increases into your treble crochet stitch row. When working your folding row you will work the same number of stitches as your treble stitch row.

Learn to crochet folded stitches with this video tutorial and photos tutorial. Folded crochet stitches can be used for texture and borders. #crochetstitches #crochetvideotutorial #texturecrochet

When working your folding row, you will work the top of multiple stitches into the same back loop at the base of all those stitches.

You may have to experiment with how many increases you need to keep your piece flat.

I am currently working on a new pattern with this stitch. When treating my Treble stitch and folding stitch rows as one single crochet row, my piece is increases and lays nicely. (I will share photos soon.)

Folded Crochet Stitches Video Tutorial

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