Waffle Stitch Crochet Tutorial

The waffle stitch is a beautiful deeply textured crochet stitch pattern. It is has deep square dips that gives it the texture of a breakfast waffle. This stitch creates beautiful blankets, pillows and washcloths. I would love to know what you would us this stitch for in the comments below.

The waffle stitch pattern is a combination of a few crochet stitches to create a beautiful texture. It uses a simple two row repeat to create this deep texture fabric. Below you will find both a photo and video tutorial to help guide you through creating this stitch.

This is one of the crochet stitches we are learning and using during the March Texture Madness Crochet A Long and I will provide you instructions to make a sample swatch of the Waffle stitch below in 3 different sizes.

These swatch patterns can be used to make any of the three project patterns created by the Crochet A Long.

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Materials for Sample Swatch

Size 4 Weight Yarn 23-160 yds depending on sample size

Size H Crochet Hook

Yarn Needle


Stitches and Abbreviations

Ch – Chain

Dc – Double Crochet

FpDc – Front Post Double Crochet

R – Row

St(s) – Stitch(es)

You can learn more about Front Post and Back Post Stitches here.


For a sample swatch the gauge is not important, but if you are using your swatches for the March Texture Madness Crochet A Long you will want to check your gauge.

Gauge is determined by using the Single Rib Stitch.

8 Sts = 2 inches

6 rows = 2 inches

Starting Chain

When working the Waffle Stitch you will want to create a chain that is a multiple of 3 plus 2. Please note that I do not count my turning chain as a stitch.

For the Large (Blanket) 12 inch Swatch we will chain 50.

For the Medium (Book) 8 inch Swatch we will chain 32.

For the Small (Block) 4 inch swatch we will chain 17.

Waffle Stitch Video Tutorial

Right Handed Tutorial

Left Handed Tutorial

Waffle Stitch Swatch Pattern

NOTE: Do not count your turning chain as a stitch.

Chain 50, 32 or 17 depending on the size sample you want to create.

R1: Dc in the 3rd Ch from the hook and in each Ch across.

R2: Ch2, turn, Dc in the first St, FpDc in the next St, Dc in the next St, * Work a FpDc in the next 2 Sts, Dc in the next St*, Repeat from *to* until the end of the row.

R3: Ch2, turn, Work a Dc in the first 3 Sts, *FpDc in the next St, Work a Dc in the next 2 Sts*, Repeat from *to* until the end of the row.

Continue repeating rows 2 and 3 until your project is as long as you want it to be.

To make a 12 inch square work until you have a total of 30 rows.

To make a 8 inch square work until you have a total of 18 rows.

To make a 4 inch square work until you have a total of 9 rows.

waffle stitch

Single Crochet Border

For all three projects for the March Texture Madness Crochet A Long, it is helpful to have a single crochet border around the edge of your sample. For this stitch I found it easiest to work one single crochet into each stitch on the top and bottom rows. For the sides of the sample swatch I alternated working 2 Single crochet into the side of a Double crochet in one row, and only 1 Single Crochet into the side od the Double Crochet of the next row.

This help compensate for the slightly shorter stitches caused by the Front Post Double Crochet.

I hope you liked this stitch tutorial. Make sure you check back in a few days for the next Stitch Tutorial of the March Texture Madness Crochet A Long.

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