March Texture Madness: Crochet A Long

Every year March is the National Craft Month with its own National Crochet week in the middle of it. This year I thought we could Celebrate National Craft Month with a March Texture Madness Crochet A Long. 

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This event is all about expanding your crochet skills and learning new, fun and exciting crochet stitches. We will be learning nine heavily texture crochet stitches with left and right handed video tutorials, that will be great for all three of the end projects we will be making.

Learn to crochet beautiful texture stitches in the March Texture Madness Crochet A Long

Yes, in this Crochet A Long you will have the option to make one of three projects: a small, medium and large project. Each project will be made using the texture crochet stitch sample swatches that we will be making. 

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I won’t tell you just yet what those three end projects are, but what I will tell you is that they are all baby items that will be great for baby or toddler boys and girls. Also, only the largest project requires all 9 stitch sample swatches.

Texture crochet stitches are yarn eaters! This project will be an amazing stash buster. Use a different color for each sample swatch. Babies and toddlers love lots of colors!

Learn to crochet beautiful texture stitches in the March Texture Madness Crochet A Long

Below you will find all the materials you need and the schedule for the March Texture Madness . You will also find more information about each end project.

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March Texture Madness Materials

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Large Sample Swatch (each) – 3.06 oz or 160 yds Medium Weight Yarn 

     -28 oz or 1440 yds for complete Large Project

Medium Sample Swatch (each) -1.36 oz or 71 yds Medium Weight Yarn

    -5.5 to 12.5 oz or 284 to 639 yds for complete Medium Project

Small Sample Swatch (each) – .44 oz or 23 yds Medium Weight Yarn 

    – 2.64 oz or 138 yds for complete Small Project

Crochet Hook, Size H, 5.0mm


Yarn Needle

Polyfil (for Small Project)

Learn to crochet beautiful texture stitches in the March Texture Madness Crochet A Long

March Texture Madness End Projects

Each size sample swatches will be turned into one of three different baby items. 

This crochet sensory block is a great toy for babies and toddlers. Learn to make one with this free crochet tutorial. #crochetforbaby #crochetbabytoy

Crochet Sensory Block

The smallest project will only require 6 of the texture samples swatches. You will also need a small amount of polyfil to complete the construction of this project. Any small child can have fun with this Sensory Block.

Crochet a beautiful crochet sensory book using sample swatches of different crochet textures. This is a fun project that lets you learn new crochet stitches and you end up with a family heirloom for your children. This free crochet pattern helps you make the book cover and there are links to all the crochet stitch tutorials I used for the center pages. This sensory book makes a wonderful gift for any baby or toddler. #crochetpattern #crochetforbabies

Crochet Sensory Book

After making 7-9 medium size samples swatches click the Pattern title above to be taken to the tutorial on how to turn your sample swatches into an adorable sensory book for babies, toddlers and anyone who can benefit from sensory experiences.

Use this collection of crochet stitch tutorials to make this crochet sensory baby blanket. This blanket makes a great gift and is so fun to create with all the beautiful textured crochet stitch squares. #crochetblanket #crochetbabyblanket

Crochet Sensory Blanket

The largest project will require all 9 of the sample swatches though you could make more and more swatches to add on this this project. 

Learn to crochet beautiful texture stitches in the March Texture Madness Crochet A Long

March Texture Madness Schedule

Save this post for easy reference to all the Stitch Tutorials and project patterns.

Week 1: Post Stitches

Sunday March 3rd: The Waffle Stitch Tutorial

Tuesday March 5th: The Alpine Stitch Tutorial

Thursday March 7th: The Single Rib Stitch Tutorial

Friday March 8th: Crochet Sensory Book

Week 2: Cables, Loops, Ribbing

Sunday March 10th: Yarn Over Slip Stitch Ribbing

Tuesday March 12th: Loop Stitch

Thursday March 14th: Chain Cables Stitch Tutorial

Friday March 15th: Crochet Sensory Block

Week 3: Puffs, Popcorns, Berries

Sunday, March 17th: The Mini Berry Stitch Tutorial

Tuesday, March 19th: The Bead Stitch Tutorial

Thursday, March 21st: The Bean Stitch Tutorial

Friday, March 22nd: Crochet Sensory Blanket

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