Printable Crochet Pattern Binder Cover Pages

Do you have a lot of printed crochet patterns? Have you purchased a lot of PDF patterns? Now you can keep them all organized with these adorable crochet pattern binder cover pages.

Crochet Pattern Binder Pages

In a minute I will tell you exactly how to get these printable crochet binder pages, but first lets look at what is included in the free printable and what you will need to put your binder together.

This printable Crochet Pattern Binder includes a cover page, binder spine inserts and 13 category pages to help you organize your crochet patterns.

Keep your patterns organized with these free printable crochet pattern binder pages. Includes 13 category pages, cover, and binder spine.

How to put Together your Crochet Binder

First, gather up your supplies. You will just need printer paper (and a printer), a 1, 1.5, or 2-inch View Style 3-Ring Binder, scissors, and either a hole punch or page protectors. You will also want to grab your printed crochet patterns.

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Here what to do:

  • Print out pages 2-16 of the Crochet Pattern Binder (instructions for downloading are below).
  • Cut out the Binder Spine.
  • Insert the Cover and Binder Spine into a View Style 3-ring binder. (Note: It is easier to insert the binder spine when the binder is opened up and laid flat.)
Keep your patterns organized with these free printable crochet pattern binder pages. Includes 13 category pages, cover, and binder spine.
Oh No! There was an error in the binder spine but it has been corrected!
  • Take the printed crochet patterns and category pages and sort them into the categories.
  • Either slip the pages into page protectors or use a hole punch to punch three holes into every page. (Note: I prefer page protectors because you can use a dry erase marker on them to mark them up while crocheting and erase it once the pattern is completed.)
  • Add all the pages to the binder and your Crochet Pattern Collection is complete. Add more patterns as you obtain them.
Keep your patterns organized with these free printable crochet pattern binder pages. Includes 13 category pages, cover, and binder spine.

How to Download the Crochet Pattern Binder Pages?

I made these Crochet Pattern Binder Pages as a Thank You to all the people in the community who have supported me during my blogging journey. You can find the PDF file for this Download on the Printable Resource Page. This page is available exclusively to my newsletter subscribers.

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And that is it! You are on your way to create a beautiful crochet pattern binder.

Printing Tips

The planner is made for 8.5″ x 11 inch paper in portrait orientation. With my personal printer, I need to tell the printer to make the document ‘fit’ the printable area. You may need to do the same.

Also, the crochet binder pages include many pages. Some category pages you may want and some you may not. Make sure to tell your printer which pages you would like to print.

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18 thoughts on “Printable Crochet Pattern Binder Cover Pages”

  1. I like your “tip” about using dry erase markers on page protectors! Great idea! Is there a brand of dry erase marker that you prefer?

    • Honestly in my experience the marker that do not say “low odor” work the best, but I find them very hard to find. I would just erase the marks as soon as you are done with the pattern and it will come off easier. Any permanent adjustments to the pattern can be written on the actually pattern.

  2. Great idea- thanks!
    I would use a subject divider (those pages with tabs that stick out) just after each different pattern section so you can flip to a section easily.
    Putting your patterns in sheet protectors also means that you won’t accidentally put a hole through part of a pattern. Plus you can slip notes in the protector.
    Thanks again!

    • These and all my printables are newsletter subscriber-exclusive content. You can subscribe using the form on the page. You will then be sent a confirmation page to your email. After you confirm your subscription you will be given a password and a link to the printable resource page where you can print these binder pages, gifts tags, a crochet planner and more crochet related printables.

  3. I subscribed to your newsletter but never was sent a link to get the crochet binder. How do I get it. I subscribed several times. I confirmed my e mail address but still have not received anything.

    • After clicking the confirm button it should open a new page with the link and password. I show you are already an active subscriber. The link and password are also at the bottom of every newsletter in the pink box.

  4. I would love to be able to download/ print this out so that I can have my binder organized. I also do not see anyplace to download them. I’d appreciate if you would let me know where i can download it from.

    Thanks in advance!!!

    • There are instructions in the post. The Binder (and all the printables) are for newsletter subscribers only. You can subscribe for free by filling out the pink form in the middle of the post. You will be sent a confirmation email and after you click the confirm button, you will be given a link and password to the printable resource library. The binder pages download is at the top of the page at the moment. I think there are about 30 downloadable documents on that page. I really like making printables for my newsletter subscribers as a thank you for supporting the website. I actually have another printable coming out later this month that should be super handy.

  5. Hello Lindsay,
    When I first signed up I didnt have a printer. Do I need to fill in the pink box again to get another printing code?


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