Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Thank you for leaving comments! Your comments help me plan new content, improve my blog, and correct errors in my patterns. Since this blog can draw readers of all ages, please refrain from using profanity in your comments. Also to prevent spammers from getting your information please do not put your email in the body of the comments. Only place your email where it is specifically requested.


I really enjoy providing you free crochet patterns, crafts and printable pdfs. It takes a lot of time to create an item, write the pattern, and photograph the project to share with you. Because of this you may not claim or sell this pattern, projects or pdfs as your own. You are welcome to make and sell the finished project. I only require you to include “pattern by windingroadcrochet.com” on your etsy post (or other location) or a tag when you sell your item. Please do not use my photos to promote your finished project. All content found on this website are the property of windingroadcrochet.com unless specified and all rights are reserved.

Sharing Patterns

You are invited to share my patterns on social media. Please do not copy and paste any part of my pattern. If using my pattern for a Round Up you can get permission to use a single photo be emailing me at windingroadcrochet@gmail.com . None of my Pdfs are allowed to be shared. You may share a link to the blog post the Pdf is included in.

If you would like to feature one of my patterns on your site, you may do so with written permission. Please do not copy and paste any part of my patterns. Please email me a link to the post that features my pattern. so I can share it with my community as well. Graphs, charts and Pdfs may be shared by link only.

Limitation of Liability

Though I have many years of crochet and crafting experience, I am not an expert, and I am constantly learning new and better technics. I provide the best advice I can based on my experience and can not be held responsible for how that advice is used by my readers.

I will occasionally provide links to other websites. These websites are the responsibility of their moderators and I can not be held liable for what happens on these sites. If you have problems on a website linked from this site, please refer to that sites terms and conditions. I will moderate all comments on my site, but can not be held responsible for what others post.

If you have trouble understanding a pattern, leave a comment or email me, and I will help clarify as best as I can at my earliest convenience.

Privacy Policy

Your personal information is collected to improve this site by Google AdSense, Google Analytics, when leaving a comment, and when signing up for my email list. This information is not sold to third parties.

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They use this information to make ads more effective and provide information to site moderators to improve their website. For more information on how Google Adsense and Google Analytics collect information visit their site at www.google.com/polies/privacy/partners .

When you sign up for my email list or leave a comment your name and email address is collected. This information is not sold and only used so that I may contact you per your request.

Advertising and Affiliate Links

My website contains advertisements and affiliate links. These form of links help support this website. If you purchase something through one of my affiliate links I will receive a commission with no extra cost to you. When clicking on a third party link you are directed to their website and subject to their privacy policy. Windingroadcrochet.com is not responsible or liable for any content or actions taken by third parties.

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I only link to products I have used and love.

These are the terms of using my website. By visiting my website you are indicating that you agree and consent to my terms.