Pompadoodle Crochet Christmas Tree

Hello Everyone and welcome to Winding Road Crochet. If you have stumbled upon this page and you are looking for the tutorial for the Pompadoodle Crochet Christmas Tree you can find it on my guest blog post here on Moogly Blog! Below you will find the additional tree templates, plus ideas on how to use and store these Pompadoodle Christmas Trees.

Christmas is a fun time for my family and I just love to put together DIY decorations for my home, but I have a younger child and a baby this year, so shatter free decoration are a must. Quick and easy decor is important since I am juggling holiday decor with a baby on my hip or quickly during nap time. 

Make a Pompadoodle tree quick and easy. Have your kids help you decorate. This is a fun quick and easy crochet christmas project. Pompadoodle Christmas Tree

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Pompadoodle Christmas Tree

Now let’s get to this Quick and Easy Christmas Tree. The magic behind the this soft plush Christmas tree is the Pomp-a-Doodle Yarn created by Red Heart Yarns. Red Heart was kind enough to provide the yarn for this tutorial. 

I like anything that makes my life easier. Pom pom crafts have been so popular over the last few years, and stringing pom poms on a cord was just genius. I thought about the pom pom crafts I wanted to make and how this would make it easier.

I fell in love with Tamara’s (Moogly) Pom Pom Rug and how she slip stitched to a base to create the rug. That is when I pulled out some plastic canvas and started fiddling with a christmas tree design.

Make a Pompadoodle tree quick and easy. Have your kids help you decorate. This is a fun quick and easy crochet christmas project.

I wanted to make this craft as easy as possible, so to take the guess work out of the project I created five templates for five different size Christmas trees. You can make a 5 inch Christmas tree to go with a little Christmas village or a 13 inch tree to be the center piece of your table. 

The templates will show you how to cut out your plastic canvas and where to slip stitch along the canvas to get full coverage. 

A Christmas Tree for Each Family Member

This trees work up very quickly. make a variety for a beautiful display or make one for each family member and let them help decorate them with buttons, garlands and any knick knack that look like ornaments. 

My son loves working on crafts with me and jumped at the opportunity to decorate his own Christmas tree. He even decorated a smaller tree for his baby sister since she is too young to be playing with the buttons. 

Just grab a little white Elmers glue and some knick knacks from your craft supply and make this a fun family event.

We used: 

  • Buttons
  • Mini Pom Poms
  • Garlands
  • Strands of chained yarn
  • Mini battery powered lights (from Dollar Tree)
  • A Star from Dollar Tree

Who needs Gingerbread houses when you have your pom pom Christmas trees.

Storing Your Christmas Trees

So I actually made one of every size Christmas tree back in June and that meant that I needed to store these trees for a long while before Christmas was here. I discover something quite handy while trying to figure out how to store the trees. 

The 5″ tree (X-Small) will fit comfortably inside the 9″ tree (Medium) and that will fit inside the 13″ tree (X-Large). Also the 7″ tree (Small) will fit inside the 11″ tree (Large). This made storing very convenient. 

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Additional Templates

Below you will find the additional template sizes for the Pompadoodle Christmas Tree. 

Click to open PDFs of each size.

X-Small Tree Template 5 inch

Small Tree Template 7 inch

Medium Tree Template 9 inch

Large 11″ Tree Template – Find this Template on the Tutorial here. 

X-Large Tree Template 13 inch

Are you going to make a Pompadoodle Christmas Tree? I would love to see how you decorate yours, so share it with me on any social media! Just tag me @windingroadcrochet, #windingroadcrochet, or #ourcrochetjourney.

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