Printable Yarn Bobbin: For Tangle Free Projects

I have a confession. Though it is true that I love to do tapestry crochet, and I love Corner to corner graphs, I am really really bad, or maybe it is really good at getting my yarn into a huge knot. Keep reading and I will tell you how I finally found the solution to the colorful mess that always accompanied my masterpieces. The solution: The Printable Yarn Bobbin.

See Exhibit A:

Here is one of my Instagram posts. Now the final photo cleverly had that little mess in the corner blurred out and became a precious WIP (Work in Progress) photo. But the truth is that is only a small bit of the mess that exists. (Hey if you like this, follow me on Instagram!)

This project is part of my Woodland Winter Wonderland Blanket that consists of 6 squares and three rectangles of woodland critters all dressed up for a winter celebration. 

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I am a mom and a blogger and this means I rarely get to spend a large amount of time on a project. My multi-color projects get picked up, shoved in a basket or bag and moved around. The end result is a big knotted mess.

I have seen some beautiful wooden yarn bobbin contractions online for a price and a few DIY options. But honestly, I just do not have the spare time to build something. I needed a solution that was quick and easy and ready to use in minutes.

That is when I designed the printable yarn bobbin! Keep on reading and I will show you what you need to make these printable bobbins, how to put them together, and how to use them so you can crochet and color change without the knotted mess.

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Printable Yarn Bobbin Materials

You will need:

Printable PDF (Fill out form at the end of post)

Computer and Printer

1-2 Sheet of Cardstock Paper

Laminator or Glue Stick

Laminating Sheets


Hole Punch

That is it. There is two ways you can make these Bobbins so that they are sturdy and will last through multiple projects.


Free Printable Yarn Bobbin | Use these yarn bobbins to keep your colors tangle free when working on crochet patterns that require multiple colors, tapestry crochet, or corner to corner crochet projects. These bobbins are quick and easy to make and great for beginner crocheters to help them tackle color work. Sign up for my newsletter to get access to this and other free printables.

Step 1: Print and Prep Yarn Bobbins

First print out as many bobbins as you want. I recommend grabbing more than you think you need. Once I tried out these bobbins, I loved them so much that I refuse to pull from a skein of yarn. 

There are two sizes of bobbins available. I make a variety based on how much yarn I need of each color or how big my project is.

You will want to add some extra stability to your bobbins by either laminating them or by using a glue stick or rubber cement to glue two pieces of card stock together. You will want to glue the extra yardstick on to your printed bobbins after they are printed and before you start cutting them out.

Cut out your bobbins, punch a hole where indicated and move on to step 2.

You may notice that the bottom of the bobbin is thinner than the top. This is because the photo is looking at the bobbin at an angle. If this bothers you just cut a little farther away from the lines on the bottom like I did in the photo below.

Step 2: Laminate (Optional)

If you chose the gluing option just jump to step three. 

I will be honest, laminating is my preferable choice. I use this Laminator a lot with crafting and making activities for my kids. 

Take you cut bobbins, place them in a laminating sheet and run it through a laminator. You will then need to cut them out again and punch another hole. (This hole is important).

Once this is complete jump down to Step 3 to learn the secret to how these bobbins help keep your yarn from tangling.

Step 3: One Simple Snip!

Take you scissors and snip where indicated on the photo below.

Now I know what you are thinking. This cut can’t be that important, but it really it.

This little cut makes all the difference. With a flip of your wrist you can slip your yarn into the hole you have punched and keep your yarn from unraveling. Keep scrolling and I will show you.

Using your Printable Yarn Bobbin

Now load your bobbins up with yarn and lets get to our crochet projects. You will be quite surprised how much yarn you can fit on one bobbin. 

While you are working on a project you will want all the strands of yarn tucked into the punched hole. Only have the color you are working with pulled out so that it can unravel when you pull on it. 

When you move to a new color tuck the yarn back through the slit we made and back into the punched hole. This will keep your yarn from unraveling. 

Free Printable Yarn Bobbins | Use these yarn bobbins to keep your colors tangle free when working on crochet patterns that require multiple colors, tapestry crochet, or corner to corner crochet projects. These bobbins are quick and easy to make and great for beginner crocheters to help them tackle color work. Sign up for my newsletter to get access to this and other free printables.

To keep from getting knots, only allow a few inches of slack between the bobbin and your project. 

When you are ready to set your project down for a while or you are going to toss it in a bag. Go back and double secure each bobbin so that it won’t unravel when stored. 

That is it! Wasn’t that a simple solution to a very stressful problem? I would love to see the projects you are working on and how you like your yarn bobbins! Come follow me on social media and lets be friends. 

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11 thoughts on “Printable Yarn Bobbin: For Tangle Free Projects”

  1. I found your video on the c2c. I’m trying to learn it and how to read the graph; yarn amount, etc… Everything you so wonderfully covered in your video, so thank you! Wish me luck!!🧶

  2. what a great idea. going to make quite a few of these. I love doing c2c graphs. But have a suggest. by putting a small circle of velcro either back or front to hold it in place.

    • I am glad you like it. Do you mean velcro to hold the yarn end in place? The slit in the punched circle helps with that. Or do you mean to hold the bobbin to the project?

  3. Have you considered investing in a 3D printer for making accessories to organize your yarn? My husband and I have several of them (because he loves 3D printing), and he has designed countless tools for me to make keeping my yarn and accessories in good order. I generally prefer using LIly Sugar ‘n’ Cream yarn, which I usually get in the 3oz balls. We have two cats, which means that I have to be vigilant while crocheting to keep them from taking off with my yarn. I used to use a yarn bowl, but they enjoyed watching the ball slide around in the bowl, then pouncing on it. He designed an awesome lazy Susan type spinner to hold the yarn balls for me, and it spins beautifully so I never have to stop working to pull out more slack. I’d be happy to share the link to the design files if you’d like to try making one of them. 🙂 (It’s all totally free for anyone to download and print).


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