Big Brown Bear C2C Square Graph

The Big Brown Bear C2C Square Graph is the first square in my Woodland Winter Wonderland Blanket I will be sharing all fall and winter this year. I will be releasing a new graph every week and revealing the next week’s graph. Next week’s graph will be at the end of this article.

Brownie, the big brown bear rules the woods, but when winter comes it is time for a good long nap. Every year he wakes up from his nap to join in the winter celebration with all his woodland friends. So on goes his hat and out into the cold he goes with a gift in hand.

My Woodland Winter Wonderland Corner to Corner (C2C) Crochet Blanket will be made of 6 character squares and 3 rectangles. The scene will be all the woodland creature coming together to share and celebrate the winter season with gifts and decorations. There will be an optional top and bottom banner as well.

Big Brown Bear Woodland Winter Wonderland

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Big Brown Bear

C2C Square Graph Materials

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Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn, Sky Blue –  164 yards or 3.36 ozs

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn, White –  40 yards or 0.82 ozs

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn, Fern – 17 yards or 0.3 ozs

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn, Chocolate Brown –  12 yards or 0.23 ozs

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn, Black – 6 yards or 0.12 ozs

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn, Toffee –  111 yards or 2.28 ozs

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn, Scarlet – 20 yards or 0.41 ozs

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn, Beige – 22 yards or 0.47 ozs



Crochet Hook, Size H, 5.0mm – Used for Blanket

Yarn Needle



For this square I used a size H hook and had a 19 inch by 19 inch square. This will give me a blanket that measures 57 inch x 76 inch blanket.

I also tried a size G crochet hook and it measures 16 inches x 16 inches. This will give me a 48 inches x 64 inch blanket when completed.

I chose use a Size H hook when making the blanket and a G hook when using this pattern for pillows.

How to C2C?

I find corner to corner crochet is best learned through videos, so I have compiled a playlist of helpful videos for anyone who is looking to learn or wants some tips for making C2C easier!

C2C Video Tutorials and Tips

Big Brown Bear C2C Square Graph | This crochet bear C2C graph is great as a pillow or in my Woodland Winter Wonderland Corner to Corner Blanket. This is a great project to work on all fall and have ready for Christmas. Crochet a blanket with little woodland creatures.

A Solution to Tangled Yarn!

I have been working on these C2C Woodland Critters for the last few months and I have had quite a few tangled messes to deal with!

Well I have finally found a simple solution and I want to share it with you. I have designed a Yarn Bobbin that is printable and available for free to all my newsletter subscribers!

Check out the Yarn Bobbin Tutorial to learn how to quickly make these bobbins and how to use them. They will can prevent so much frustration. I wish I had thought of them sooner. Check it out!. 

Free Printable Yarn Bobbin | Use these yarn bobbins to keep your colors tangle free when working on crochet patterns that require multiple colors, tapestry crochet, or corner to corner crochet projects. These bobbins are quick and easy to make and great for beginner crocheters to help them tackle color work. Sign up for my newsletter to get access to this and other free printables.

More ways to use this Graph

Corner to corner is not the only way this chart can be used! You can use this graph with the granny square pixel method to create a blanket using a single graph. You can also do tapestry crochet and use single crochet stitches to make a smaller square. The bobble stitch graph method is also very popular lately.

Big Brown Bear C2C Square Graph

Note: For the picture shown I used the C2C method with Half double crochet stitches instead of double crochet. This gives me a tighter stitch.

To use Half Double Crochet just chain 5 instead of 6 when increasing and chain up 2 instead of three.

Printable Graph: Big Brown Bear Chart

Finishing up Big Brown Bear Square

To finish my square I Single Crocheted around the edge. To do this you will single crochet into the top or bottom of each stitch and work two single crochet into the sides of each stitch. When I was finished I just stretched my work a little bit until it looked like a square. You can also block the square as well.

Are you going to make a Big Brown Bear? I would love to see your Big Brown Bear, so share it with me on any social media! Just tag me @windingroadcrochet, #windingroadcrochet, or #ourcrochetjourney. 

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Next Week: Little Gray Rabbit

This little gray rabbit has hopped out of her burrow to join in the winter festivities. Come back next week to get the Little Gray Rabbit Graph!

Other C2C Squares in the Woodland Winter Wonderland Series

Little Gray Rabbit C2C Square Graph | This crochet rabbit C2C graph is great as a pillow or in my Woodland Winter Wonderland Corner to Corner Blanket. This is a great project to work on all fall and have ready for Christmas. Crochet a blanket with little woodland creatures. Winter Fox C2C Square Graph | This little crochet fox C2C graph is great as a pillow or in my Woodland Winter Wonderland Corner to Corner Blanket. This is a great project to work on all fall and have ready for Christmas. Crochet a blanket with little woodland creatures. The Shy Deer Crochet C2C Square | Crochet a beautiful blanket for the holidays, using the corner to corner crochet method. Free Crochet charts and written pattern available. Woodland Winter Wonderland C2C Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket. Use the charts for any tapestry crochet, make a wallhanging, or just make one square into a holiday tote. #crochet #crochetpattern #crochetgraph

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  1. Donna williams

    November 12, 2018 at 4:11 pm

    Hello ? I love your woodsy C2C. I just learned how to figure out c2c, and when I completed my practice lol I got so excited & gitty about it, I showed my husband, he knew I’ve been talking about it and seen it & said that I did very well lol I showed him the beginning and my progress , till I was finished. I’m such a big kid, I get ?so happy about simple things. I’m very slow to getting crochet things done, cause work and other distractions. Sometimes I run Cross patterns are hard for me to comprehend & that takes me much longer. I like to THANK YOU!!!! So much for sharing your beautiful work ♥️‼️‼️

    1. Lindsey

      November 12, 2018 at 4:40 pm

      I am so happy you are enjoying the patterns. C2C can be a little challenging but once you get it, it can result in some beautiful projects. I hope you have seen my new Printable Yarn Bobbins. I have a post all about them. They will help you keep your colors from getting tangled. i would love to see your finished projects! Make sure to tag me if you share on any social media!

  2. Donna williams

    November 13, 2018 at 12:24 am

    I haven’t tried yet to challenge myself to making your c2c patterns, since just last week I practiced my first attempt by just doing just squares. But I think I’m ready to try and when I do, I’d be excited and happy to show you ?‼️ I just love Christmas time and seeing what you have made inspires me to want to try make. I just have to sometimes push myself not to lol be intimidated sometimes☺️ Have wonderful day ??????thank you!!!

  3. Linda Ferguson

    December 3, 2018 at 7:09 pm

    I have signed up for your newsletter before, so how do I find the written pattern for your woodland animal series? I would love to get all of them in written form. They are so darling and I love your newsletter.

    1. Lindsey

      December 4, 2018 at 12:16 am

      Ok, in every newsletter there is a link to the free printables page and the password. I put it in every newsletter because I am constantly adding more printables, gifts tags, yarn bobbins, and other crochet tools.

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