Handmade Gift Giving Guide

Handmade gifts are truly the best gifts. They clearly say I love you enough to not only spend money on you, but I gave you my time. I carefully and lovingly crafted something that is one of a kind and just for you!

But making a gift can be risky. Once it is made you can’t return it or exchange it for a different color. Because of this we might make someone a gift and they never use it. 

Do you want to give the perfect handmade gift to someone? Just answer 5 simple questions in my Handmade Gift Giving Guide and you will be on your way to selecting the perfect gift project possible. I have provided many suggestions and thoughtful ideas to help you think outside the box and choose the perfect gift. This guide is designed for crocheters and knitters but will work for any craft.

They tuck it away in a drawer and forget about it. They don’t think we will notice, but we do. It does not always mean they don’t like the gift. Sometimes we just do not notice that we made the most beautiful hat for someone who never wears hats. Or we make a fantastic hot pink scarf for a friend who does not have a thing in their closet to match hot pink. Yes they love the color, they think it is beautiful, they just don’t have a use for it. 

This year we are not going to let those little oversights happen. I have created the Handmade Gift Giving Guide, a quick list of questions to help you pick the right crochet or knit project for everyone on your list! Plus you can get a Printable Gift Giving Guide that will help you pick the perfect project for everyone on your Christmas list. The Guide also includes a gift tracker to help you track your yarn purchases and time. 

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Please note this guide was made with crocheters and knitters in mind but can be applied to any crafter or even when buying a gift!

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Handmade Gift Giving Guide

First, let’s look at the questions we need to answer to pick the perfect handmade gift.

-What are their interests?

-What do they like to wear?

-What are their favorite colors?

-What is my budget for this gift?

-What is my time allotment for this gift?

What are their Interests?

Hats and scarves are often the go-to gifts when it comes to handmade gifts, but if you really want your gift to stand out, think about your friend’s or family member’s hobbies. Someone who likes computer games or works on the computer a lot might like a Keyboard Wrist Rest. Do they like to cook? Maybe bowl cozies or cute pot holders might be right up their alley. A coffee lover could always use a new cup cozy or mug rug. Does your sister love to get pampered? A few handmade washcloths might make her morning routine feel super special. A booklover may enjoy a crocheted bookmark! 

If you really think about what the gift receiver really enjoys doing, you can pick a gift that they will love and find very useful. There are tons of different and creative crochet patterns that will fit most interest.

Do you want to give the perfect handmade gift to someone? Just answer 5 simple questions in my Handmade Gift Giving Guide and you will be on your way to selecting the perfect gift project possible. Find gift suggestions, a printable gift tracker and more! #crochetprintable #crochet #knitting #handmade #handmadegift #giftguide #printable #crochettracker #gifttracker

What do they like to Wear?

Ok, so you know you want to create a wearable item to keep your friend warm and cozy. That is great, but before we make a super cute hat that YOU love, let’s take a look at what our friends and family wear themselves. 

Pick an item you want to make them, let’s say a hat and then ask yourself: Do they wear hats? Would they like a regular beanie, slouch beanie, or ear warmers? You can repeat this process with scarves, sweaters, mittens, and any other accessories you want to make for a gift. 

In my Printable Gift Giving Guide I include a variety of wearable items and their variations. If you are thinking about something not listed, just think about the different variations of that gift and choose the best option for the reciepent. 

Don’t forget to check out all my free patterns here!

What is their Favorite Color?

Color is really important when creating a handmade gift! It can really play a factor into how often an item will be worn or used. Luckily there are so many colors of yarn to choose from that you will certainly find the right color. 

When choosing the yarn color think about their favorite color, colors you see them wear often, the color of their kitchen, bedroom or any place where they may use the item you make them. 

Picking the right color should not be hard, but it is a very important decision to make. If your friend was going to buy the item you are making them, what color would they choose?

What is your Budget?

First things first, it does not have to be expensive to be a good gift. You may already have the right yarn in your stash. If you have considered the questions above you will be able to find the right gift on any kind of budget. 

In my guide I think of budget in terms of how many skeins are needed for a project. The options are 1 skein, 2 skeins and more than 2 skeins. How much you spend per skein is completely up to you, but with some coupons you can often make a 2 skein project for around ten dollars.

Do you want to give the perfect handmade gift to someone? Just answer 5 simple questions in my Handmade Gift Giving Guide and you will be on your way to selecting the perfect gift project possible. Find gift suggestions, a printable gift tracker and more! #crochetprintable #crochet #knitting #handmade #handmadegift #giftguide #printable #crochettracker #gifttracker

What about your Time?

We do not have all the time in the world, so we have to consider how long it would take to make all the projects on our gift giving list. Yes, we would love to make a blanket or sweater for everyone in the family, but if we try, I think our hands may fall off before Christmas is here. Trust me, I tried this once when I was 17. I made a small blanket for everyone in my family and I ended up going to the doctor for wrist pain. 

This is also why it is best to use the questions above to choose the right gift for each person. Of course, time is money and you have to budget your time and spend the most time on the ones that matter the most. 

This is why I also included the estimated time it takes to create some popular handmade gifts listed in my Printable Gift Giving Guide.

You can print the Guide right now. Just click the link below and it will automatically download.

Handmade Gift Giving Guide PDF

Ok, so that is it! You have carefully considered your recipient’s interests, fashion style, favorite colors, your budget and your time, now you are much better equipped to pick the perfect gift. Need some more inspiration? Check out all my free patterns here and you might find a pattern that will make a great gift.

If you found this Gift Giving Guide helpful, let me know in the comments below. 

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