29+ Gift Ideas for Crocheters and Knitters

The holidays are here and it is time to think about what you are giving and what you want to receive this year. Well I have put together a huge list of gift ideas crocheters and knitters will love. 

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Last year when Christmas came around I knew my goal in 2018 was to start a crochet blog, so I asked for every crochet tool and gadget I could find. Keep on reading to see what I got last year and LOVED. Plus I will share with you what is on my list this year!

Let’s get on the the great gift ideas for crocheters and knitters!

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Are you a Crocheter? Check out my free crochet patterns here! Or some of my favorites below!

free crochet patterns from Winding road crochet

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Hooks and Needles

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The best gift ideas for yarn crafters is some new hooks and needles. Aim for high quality hooks and needles that are Ergonomic. 

The Clover Amour Crochet Hook Set is one of the items on my list this year! These hooks have been my go to hooks in 2018 and I would love to have a new set for when my couch gets hungry and eats my hook. 

I was using the Clover Soft touch hooks but I am so glad I upgraded to the amour style. I can really feel the difference. Any crochet would thank you for these ergonomic hooks.

I am not a knitter, but I had to pick up some of these needles when I saw them as Joanns.Prym Ergonomic Design Circular Knitting Needles are suppose to be easier on your hands and I have been so happy working with them.

If you have not knitted these would be a nice first set to try out. I purchased the standard straight needle but they are available in circular needles as well.

Give the perfect gift to the crocheter or knitter on your list or add any of these gift ideas to your own christmas list. We are going way beyond the typical ball or yarn and hook and looking at a variety of gifts any crocheter or knitter would love. #crochet #giftguide

Yarn Storage Gift Ideas

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Lately I have been in love with these Canvas Storage Bins. It is a great way to pick up all the yarn that has found its way one to the couch, tuck it into a pretty basket and set it aside.

Other baskets will work I am just a big fan of the canvas bins, I use them to tidy up my sons toys as well and keep the house looking like it is in order.

This ArtBin Needle Arts Caddy is another wonderful way to store your current project. It has a place to put all your tools. 

I got one of these last year and it sits next to my favorite chair waiting for me to get a time to sit down relax and work a few stitches.

Journals and Notebooks

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I have not personal tried any of these crochet or knitting journals but if you are looking for a yarn craft related gift that is beyond the typical hook (or needles) and a skein of yarn, a craft journal may be just the gift to stand out among all others.

Below are some suggestions of journals available. 

Boye 12 Month Planner Crochet

12 Months of Crochet with RedAgape

Boye 12 Month Planner Knitting

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Apparel Gift Ideas

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I am a shirt and jeans kind of girl. A crochet shirt? Yes please! 

This Eat Sleep Crochet Repeat Funny Retro Style T-Shirt is perfect for a lazy day. This one is on my list this year. My husband agrees that it is a must have!

Crocheter is sorta like a magician T-Shirt Yes! Crafters are like magicians. We do work magic!


Click on the photo to be taken to the Amazon page to check out the prices.

For when you need to rest your hands and take a break from your yarn. Get a book to help you dream up future projects. I do not own these books but have seen they are highly recommended.

Vogue® Knitting The Ultimate Knitting Book

I can only imagine the treasures this book holds.

Whimsical Stitches: A Modern Makers Book of Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

This one is a must have and on my list! So many small cute items that can be placed all around the house to make you smile or gifted to a friend. 

Crochet Stitch Dictionary: 200 Essential Stitches with Step-by-Step Photos

A stitch dictionary is a must for any knitter or crocheter. These types of books can bring countless inspirations. 

Yarn Tote Gift Ideas

Click on the photo to be taken to the Amazon page to check out the prices.

This Yarn Tote Organizer is an absolute must have. I got one last year for Christmas and adore it. It helps keep me with my multiple projects. It has so many pockets to store tools and your work in progress. 

This bag comes in two sizes to meet your spacial needs. I love how the top is a magnet shut and makes it super easy to get in and out of. 

Yarn Boss Yarn Bag – This is the bag i am asking for this year and I will tell you why. I love the Tote Organizer above. It is great, but we have a Jeep with a baby seat in the back so I have very little foot space during road trips.

I am hoping the taller yarn bag will give me a little more wiggle room.

Project Accessories 

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The holidays or a Birthday is the perfect time to stock up on extra craft supplies. Look at what you know you will use and get them now! That way you will have a little more yarn money for later.

 This is the perfect time to stock up on a few extra pom poms for those winter hats. I just bought these  DIY 12pcs Faux Fox Fur Fluffy Pompom for a Constellation Beanie Pattern that will be released soon and love them!

If you know you will use them, now is the time to stock up.

 Handmade Letter Rectangle Buttons These or any beautiful buttons that you want to use for a project would make great stocking stuffers. 

For the gift givers – consider picking up a handful of buttons packs and individual wrap them for a little holiday joke. (My husband keeps joking about doing this with a legos set.

A New Yarn Craft

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I am an obsessed with trying out new crafts. You never know when you will find something new that you will love. That said, in order to keep my craft room under some control I promised myself I would keep to yarn crafts. 

Here are some yarn crafts I highly recommend as gift ideas. First if you are knitter – give crochet a try. If you are a crocheter – try out a small knitting project.

Or and here are some other fun yarn crafts I highly recommend trying! (Plus it will use up some of the ever growing yarn stash!)

Grab a pair of ChiaoGoo Tunisian Hooks and give Tunisian crochet a try. Tunisian crochet it a beautiful blend of crochet and knitting. You use a hook like crochet but you work an entire row at a time like knitting.

Here is a cabled Tunisian crochet hook, but I actually prefer the long hook version.

I have to tell you weaving is very relaxing and not hard. Once you learn tension (just like crochet and knitting) you can really get creative with the design. 

I got the Lion Brand Yarn Martha Stewart Crafts DIY Weaver Starter Kit and the extender kit last year for Christmas and love it. They include little pegs that you can move around to be able to weave any shape. The kit shows you how to make a heart using the pegs. 

I have only done a few projects with this but I plan on doing many more!

Other Tools

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Tools, tools and more tools. Tools are always good gift ideas. Truthfully knitting and crochet does not take very many tools but there are a few extra gadgets that are fun to have or just make life easier.

  If you are an everyday crafter like I am, consider picking up a pair for Crafters Comfort Gloves. These gloves provide extra support to prevent and relieve hand pain due to yarn crafts. 

Sadly yarn crafts go hand in hand with wrist pain, but it can be helped with the use of good quality tools. I am asking for a pair of these gloves this year.

Be aware that they come in different sizes.

If you see a pattern that says repeat this row 22 or 42 times, then the Knitting Crochet Finger Row Counter is a must have. Even if the screen goes blank it still saves your count.

I have to hide mine from my son because he likes to push the button, but this little too really saves me a lot of time when I forget what row I am on. 

 Soft Retractable Measuring Tape – Finding your gauge before you start a project or checking the measurement of the piece you are working on can be very important.

I bough a pack of these Measuring tapes last yearn and I put one in each of my project bags. No more making half a project the wrong size. 

These are also great for measuring someones head size or waist/chest size for a project.

Clover Tassel Maker – I know you have seen all the tassels on pinterest and yes you can make them without a little contraction, but using a tool like this just makes it easier.

These tools are often inexpensive and very handy to have. Each tassel maker can make multiple sizes of tassels.

Clover Pom-Pom Maker – Just like the tassel maker, pom pom makers are super handy to have around. 

I have almost every size of pom pom maker and I use it every time I make a pom pom. I can make pom poms with cardboard or a fork, but this is fast and easy without having to take the time to create a pom maker before I create the pom pom.

This is a great time to get or give this as a gift.

  Bamboo Knitting Needle Gauge and Ruler – Another beautiful way to measure your gauge. I love anything made of wood and these wood Gauge rulers are beautiful and very handy.

Sheep Charms Stitch Holders for Crochet – If you have never used stitch markers before I highly recommend giving them a try. Plus they are adorable gift ideas.

Count out your stitches ahead of time and mark increases or just mark the first and last stitch to make sure your edges are straight. 

Last year I received a pack of cheap stitch markers and I love them so much that this year I will upgrade to something cuter.

Blocking Mats for Knitting – Does that finished project look a little wonky? Blocking your project really makes it look a lot better.

Mats like these are very helpful with getting a project to look perfect!

5″ Scissors with Large & Comfort Grip

I just love a delicate pair of scissors. They have created so many different types of scissors and I am seriously starting a collection or these. 

You can get a unicorn or the Eiffel tower as a pair or scissors!

Stork Embroidery Scissors – These are the pair I got last year and I just love them. They just make me feel special to have such a cute pair of scissors to cut yarn or toss into a instagram photo.

Fiskars Easy Action Scissors, 5 Inch, Orange – Now when it come to actually using a pair or scissors, I always keep my Fiskar scissors near by. I have this 5″ pair and a 8″ pair of scissors that are the workhorses of my craft room.

What gift ideas did you find most helpful? Let me know in the comments below what you decided to ask for or give! 

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