Fall Vibes Crochet Boot Cuffs Free Crochet Pattern and Video Tutorial

The Fall Vibes boot cuffs crochet pattern is a quick and easy fall and winter accessory. Make a pair using the free crochet pattern and video tutorial.

Below you will find the complete pattern and instructional photos for the Fall Vibes Crochet Boot Cuffs crochet pattern. You will also find the material list, stitch list, gauge, video tutorial, and sizing information.

fall vibes crochet boot cuffs

Fall Vibes Crochet Boot Cuffs

Finally, I am completing the last piece of the fall vibes crochet set. These boot cuffs are designed to match the fall vibes scarf, ear warmer, and fingerless gloves. One day I might have to whip up a hat to match as well.

fall vibes crochet boot cuffs

Deciding on a Size

The terms, small, medium, and large do not work well when it comes to boot cuffs. Someone who wears a size small shirt, but lifts a lot can have a size large boot cuff. So I highly recommend measuring your legs and using the chart below to decide how many starting chains you need to make a boot cuff that will fit.

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fall vibes crochet boot cuffs

The Premium Ad-Free PDF Pattern

Below you will find the free pattern with all the instructional photos and videos needed to complete the pattern, but I am also aware that several of us like to crochet on the couch, in the car, or in bed with a printout of the pattern. This is why I also offer a nicely formatted, easy-to-print, large-font PDF version of the pattern that can be purchased on Etsy or Ravelry. You can print the pattern and take it on the go with you or tuck it into your project bag or basket.

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Fall Vibes Crochet Boot Cuffs

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Materials Needed

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1.4-3.6 oz or 75- 191 yds of Red Heart With Love (Weight:4/medium–370 yds, 7 oz, 198 g)
The color used is Cornsilk and the size in the photo is a 15-inch circumference cuff and took 3 oz of yarn.
Size H 5mm Crochet Hook
Flexible Measuring Tape
Yarn Needle
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Stitches and Abbreviations

CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
DC – Double Crochet
BLO – Back Loop Only
YOSL – Yarn Over Slip Stitch
ST(s) – Stitch(es)
SLST – Slip Stitch

Gauge and Size

Gauge: 4 YOSL X 4 Rows = 1 inch
Size: The circumference of the boot cuff is adjustable using the pattern below. The height of the boot cuff is 5 inches but more rows can be added to make it taller.

Fall Vibes Crochet Boot Cuffs Video

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Special Stitches

YOSLST: Yarn Over Slip Stitch – Yarn over the hook, insert the hook into the next stitch, Yarn Over, and pull the loop through the stitch. (You will have three loops on your hook) Pull the first loop through the second and third loop on the hook. Your stitch is complete.

You will often see the yarn over slip stitch worked in the Back Loop Only so it creates a knit-like rib texture. The yarn over slip stitch can also be called the half double slip stitch.

Fall Vibes Crochet Boot Cuffs

-Written in US terms.
– I do not count my CH1, turning chain, as a stitch.
– If you need to adjust the starting chain to a size not provided in the chart below, then any starting chain with a multiple of 3+2 will work.
– The Fall Vibes Crochet Boot Cuff pattern is copyrighted by Winding Road Crochet.
– We do not join our foundation chain with a slip stitch. Instead, we will sew the beginning and the end of the foundation chain together when we weave in our ends.
– Pattern is worked in joined rounds. We will turn our work at the beginning of each round to get the texture we want.
– We do not join our starting chain with a slip stitch. Instead, we will sew the beginning and the end of the foundation chain together when we weave in our ends.

Part 1: Finding Your Size

First, you will want to take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your leg. Measure your leg in the spot that will be the very top of the boot cuff. This can vary based on the type of boot that you are making the cuff for.

These crochet boot cuffs can be made for any style boot! Really! Follow the tutorial and free pattern to make boot cuffs to fit your boots.

Use the chart below to determine how many starting chains you should start with.

Leg CircumferenceBoot Cuff CircumferenceStarting Chain
7.5-8 inches7-7.5 inches29
8.5-9 inches8-8.5 inches32
9.5-10 inches9-9.5 inches35
10.5-11 inches10-10.5 inches41
11.5-12 inches11-11.5 inches44
12.5-13 inches12-12.5 inches47
13.5-14 inches13-13.5 inches53
14.5-15 inches14-14.5 inches56
15.5-16 inches15-15.5 inches59
16.5-17 inches16-16.5 inches65
17.5-18 inches17-17.5 inches68
18.5-19 inches18-18.5 inches71

Part 2: Crochet the Boot Cuff (Make 2)

CH 29-71 (Use the chart to determine your starting chain.)

Round 1: SC in the 2nd CH from hook and each CH across. SLST to first SC. (Your stitch count will be one less than your starting chain.)

Rounds 2-11: CH1, turn, *Work 1 SC, then 2DC into the next ST, Skip 2 STs,* repeat from *to* until you only have one ST unworked. SC in last ST. SLST to first ST of row.

Note: Remember for your last repeat you need to skip 2 stitches. At the end of the row, it will look like 3 stitches are unworked, but two of those stitches are the skipped stitches.

Rounds 12-18: CH1, turn, Work a YOSL in the BLO of each ST across. SLST to the first ST.

Fasten off and weave in your top end. For your beginning yarn end, you will want to use this yarn end to first sew the beginning and end of the starting chain together, then weave in your yarn end.

I hope you enjoy the fall vibes crochet boot cuff pattern and if you have any questions at all just let me know in the comments below.

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fall vibes crochet boot cuffs
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