Crochet Cinched Ear Warmer Free Pattern with Video Tutorial

Keep those ears warm with this Fall Vibes crochet cinched ear warmer that can be made in any size. Whip some up as gifts or for yourself with this free crochet pattern and video tutorial.

Below you will find the complete pattern and instructional photos for the Fall Vibes crochet cinched ear warmer pattern. You will also find the material list, stitch list, gauge, video tutorial, and sizing information.

3 crochet cinched ear warmer
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Cinched Ear Warmers to keep those little Ears Cozy!

We are looking forward to colder weather and getting the family geared up with new crochet ear warmers. This ear warmer works up fast and makes a great last-minute gift.

adult wearing ear warmer

Stash Busting Crochet Pattern

This pattern uses category weight #4, worsted weight yarn, and is great for using up some yarn from your stash. Each crochet cinched ear warmer only takes a few ounces making it a great pattern for using up leftover yarn.

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The Premium Ad-Free PDF Pattern

Below you will find the free pattern with all the instructional photos and videos needed to complete the pattern, but I am also aware that several of us like to crochet on the couch, in the car, or in bed with a printout of the pattern. This is why I also offer a nicely formatted large-font PDF version of the pattern that can be purchased on Etsy or Ravelry. You can print the pattern and take it on the go with you or tuck it into your project bag.

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Fall Vibes Crochet Cinched Ear Warmer

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Materials Needed

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1.5 oz or 80 yds of Red Heart With Love (Weight: 4/medium –  370 yds, 7 oz, 198 g)
Size H 5mm Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle
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Stitches and Abbreviations

CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
DC – Double Crochet
BLO – Back Loop Only
YOSL – Yarn Over Slip Stitch
ST(s) – Stitch(es)

Gauge and Size

Gauge: 4 YOSL X 4 Rows = 1 inch
Size: Earwarmer is 4 inches wide.

SizeHead CircumferenceEar Warmer Circumference
Baby14-16 inches13 inches
Toddler15.5-17.5 inches14 inches
Child17.5-19.5 inches15 inches
Adult19-21 inches17 inches
Large Adult21-23 inches18 inches

Special Stitch

YOSLST: Yarn Over Slip Stitch – Yarn over the hook, insert the hook into the next stitch, Yarn Over, and pull the loop through the stitch. (You will have three loops on your hook) Pull the first loop through the second and third loop on the hook. Your stitch is complete.

You will often see the yarn over slip stitch worked in the Back Loop Only so it creates a knit-like rib texture. The yarn over slip stitch can also be called the half double slip stitch.

Crochet Cinched Ear Warmer Video Tutorial

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Fall Vibes Crochet Cinched Ear Warmer

-Written in US terms.
– I do not count my CH1, turning chain, as a stitch.
– The only difference in size is the length of the ear warmer.

Crochet Cinched Ear Warmer Base

Baby Size – CH 53
Toddler Size – CH 59
Child Size – CH 62
Adult Size – CH 68
Large Adult Size – CH 71

Row 1: YOSL in the second CH from the hook YOSL in each CH across. (The stitch count is one less than the starting chain.)

Row 2-3: CH1, turn, Work a YOSL in the BLO of each ST across.

Row 4: CH1, turn, *Work 1 SC, then 2DC into the BLO of next ST, Skip 2 STs,* repeat from *to* until only one stitch is left after your last repeat. SC in last ST.

Note: When you reach the end of the row, it will look like you have 3 stitches left unworked. This is because the end of your repeat is ‘skip 2 stitches’. After skipping these two stitches only one stitch will be left and you single crochet in this stitch.

Rows 5-10: CH1, turn, *Work 1 SC, then 2DC into the next ST, Skip 2 STs,* repeat from *to* until only one stitch is left after your last repeat. SC in last ST.

Rows 11-13: CH1, turn, YOSL in the BLO of each ST across.

Fasten off leaving a 12-inch yarn end that will be used for sewing the base into an ear warmer.

Finishing the Crochet Cinched Ear Warmer

Step 1: Lay the ear warmer base on a flat surface.
Step 2: Bring the two ends of the ear warmer together.
Step 3: Use a whip stitch to sew the ends together.

gathering and sewing ear warmer

Step 4: Cinch the ear warmer by pinching the center third of the ear warmer directly over the seam. Gather up the rest of the ear warmer by pinching the bottom and top third of the ear warmer and pressing that together with the first pinch. This will create 3 neat folds on the ear warmer.
Step 5: Use the yarn end to sew all layers of the cinched area together. Pull the yarn tight to make the cinched area as small as possible.
Step 6: Knot the yarn and weave in your ends.

Now your Crochet Cinched Ear Warmer is complete and ready to be enjoyed. They work up fast and make a great gift.

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fall vibes crochet cinched ear warmer free pattern and video tutorial pin image
fall vibes crochet cinched ear warmer free pattern pin image
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