Baby and Me Herringbone Crochet Beanie

It is that moment when you make a hat for your little girl and realize that you need a matching one. The Baby and Me Herringbone Crochet beanie is just that hat. Everyone in the family will be wanting one for themselves, and that is OK because it is such an easy pattern.

Welcome to Winding Road Crochet. Here we like to share free crochet patterns for everyone in your family. Below you will find the written pattern, materials list, special stitch instructions and even a video tutorial (coming soon) for the Baby and Me Herringbone Crochet Beanie. You can also purchase the Ad-free Large Font PDF of the Pattern here!

The Baby and Me Herringbone crochet beanie free crochet pattern has a child/baby and adult size. This is an easy to follow pattern with video tutorial.

Designing the Herringbone Crochet Beanie

I have been a really big fan of easy 1-2 row repeat patterns lately. I like to be able to work just a few rows and have the pattern memorized. After making the 2 Hour Crochet Beanie, I decided I wanted to make another that had a double brim. This way you can wear the beanie like a regular hat with the brim doubled up or unfold the brim and have a slouchy beanie. I just love the versatility.

The Herringbone Beanie Construction

To keep this herringbone crochet beanie nice and simple, I opted for a side to side construction. This way we can create the ribbing of the brim and the beautiful herringbone body of the hat in one simple row.

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When we are done we just seam up the side and gather the top to complete the hat. Below I will show you a great method for gathering the top of the hat. This method allows you to leave the top unadorned, or top it with a pom-pom. Here are some of my favorite faux Pom pom .

The Baby and Me Herringbone crochet beanie free crochet pattern has a child/baby and adult size. This is an easy to follow pattern with video tutorial.

The Yarn Choice

It really seemed like winter took us without a warning this year. We had a sudden need to bundle up and in the valley of the sun, we don’t have a ton in our winter wardrobe.

I needed to accessorize my family fast and the best way to do it was with thick yarn. I decided to use Lion Brand’s Color Made Easy. As a size 5 yarn, it works up much quicker than worsted weight but not as heavy as a super bulky yarn. Plus the rich colors are just perfect for winter.

The Stitches Used

Though it isn’t a stitch a use often, the Herringbone Half Double Crochet is one of my favorite stitches. It is an easy stitch to design with because you don’t have to worry about your stitch count. If you want to make the hat shorter, just subtract any number of starting chain and you will be OK.

We will also be using some single crochet to create a small top to the hat. This helps with how much we will have to gather at the end. We also use the single crochet in the back loops only to create a ribbed hat brim.

With the single crochet at the beginning and end of the row and the herringbone half double crochet in the center, don’t be surprised if your project starts to look more oval-shaped then a rectangle. This is expected to happen and give the final hat a looser look.

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The Baby and Me Herringbone crochet beanie free crochet pattern has a child/baby and adult size. This is an easy to follow pattern with video tutorial.

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I moved all the photos to the end of the PDF so you can reference them as you needed them and print just the pattern without using up as much ink. The Premium PDF version of the pattern can be purchased here.

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Baby and Me Herringbone Crochet Beanie

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Materials Needed

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3.57-6 oz (126-212 yds) Lion Brand Color Made Easy Yarn, Alabaster
Crochet Hook Size 7.0 mm
Yarn Needle

Pom pom  (optional)
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Stitches and Abbreviations

CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
HBHDC – Herringbone Half Double Crochet
BLOSC – Single Crochet in the Back Loops Only
ST(S) – Stitch(es)
YO – Yarn Over

Gauge and Size

With any pattern that you want to fit correctly, it is important to check your gauge before starting the project.


6 Sc and 5 Rows = 2 inches


The pattern includes two sizes, child and adult. The adult hat is 10 inches tall when the brim is folded and 12.5 inches tall when the brim is turned down and 18 inches in circumference.

The child-size hat is 7 inches tall with the brim folded up and 10 inches with the brim turned down and 15 inches in circumference.

You can easily adjust the circumference of either hat by adding or subtracting the number of rows worked.

Special Stitches

HBHDC – YO, insert your hook into the next ST, YO, pull the loop through the ST, (3 loops on the hook), Pull the first loop through the second loop on the hook (2 loops on the hook), YO, pull the first loop through the second and third loop on the hook. Stitch complete.

Baby and Me Herringbone Crochet Beanie Pattern

-Written in US terms.
-I do not count my turning chain as a stitch.
-The pattern is written in the child-size with the adult size variations in parenthesis.

CH 33 (39)

Row 1: SC into 2nd CH from the hook, SC into next 14(14) CH, HBHDC into next 14(20) CH, SC into last 3(3) CH. (32 Sts, 38 Sts)

Row 2: CH 1, turn, SC into first 5(5) STS, HBHDC into next 12(18) STS, BLOSC into last 15 STS.

Row 3: CH1, turn, BLOSC into first 15 STS, HBHDC into next 14(20) STS, SC into last 3 STS.

Continue alternating rows 2 and 3 until you have a total of 40 rows for the child size and 48 rows for the adult size. Fasten off leaving a very long end.

Assembling your Herringbone Crochet Beanie

Once you have completed your last row, leave a long tail and use it to sew the first row to the last row.

You are more than welcome to run a gathering stitch around the top of the hat to gather it together. That method works great, but here is a fun new method that I like to use for gathering the top of a hat.

First, using a long strand of yarn you are going to create a star on the top of your hat. Just stitch through one of the last stitches of a row in each place that there would be a star point.

The Baby and Me Herringbone crochet beanie free crochet pattern has a child/baby and adult size. This is an easy to follow pattern with video tutorial.

Now pull this yarn tight bringing those five points into the center. This will leave you with 5 folds on the outside of the hat.

Take your yarn once more and make the same star pattern hooking the center of these five folded areas.

The Baby and Me Herringbone crochet beanie free crochet pattern has a child/baby and adult size. This is an easy to follow pattern with video tutorial.

Pull this star tight and you will be left with a nice neat fold at the top of your hat. I think this method leaves the top of the hat looking neat enough that it does not need a pom-pom, but I love Pom poms, so sew one on top if you like.

Your hat is complete and ready to keep your head warm!

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