Crochet Hair Accessory Organizer Crochet Pattern and Video

Keep your hair accessories organized with this quick crochet hair accessory organizer. Follow the free crochet pattern and video tutorial to make one in minutes.

Below you will find the complete pattern and instructional photos for the Crochet Hair Accessory Organizer crochet pattern. You will also find the material list, stitch list, gauge, video tutorial, and size information.

crochet hair accessory organizer

Crochet Hair Accessory Organizer

My daughter is starting to become more and more independent. She loves to put her own twist on her look by accessorizing. To make this easier on her, I designed and crocheted this quick and easy crochet hair organizer. Now all her hair clips, headbands, and sunglasses are together and ready to make her look unique.

crochet hair accessory organizer

Sizing Instructions and Customizing

This pattern is super easy and can easily be customized. Just add extra chains to the starting chain to make the organizer longer. Add extra loops for more headband storage.

You can even use this organizer for hook earrings and add buttons to hang hair ties and necklaces. If you need any advice on how to hang a different type of accessory just ask in the comments.

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Crochet Hair Accessory Organizer

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Materials Needed

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0.5 oz or 24 yds of Sugar and Cream Cotton Yarn (Weight: 4/medium –  120 yds, 2.5 oz, 71 g)
Size H 5mm Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle
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Note: The yarn I used was Red Heart Scrubbie Smoothie. I believe the yarn is discontinued but the yarn listed above works as well.

Stitches and Abbreviations

CH – Chain
SC –
Single Crochet
DC –
Double Crochet
ST(s) –

Gauge and Size

Gauge: 4 DC X 2 Rows = 1 inch
Size: 1.5 inches wide and 13.5 inches long.

Crochet Hair Accessory Organizer Video Tutorial

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Crochet Hair Accessory Organizer Pattern

Written in US terms.
I do not count my CH2, turning chain, as a stitch.
The turning chain at the beginning of row 2 is supposed to be extra long.
– The Crochet Hair Accessory Organizer pattern is copyrighted by Winding Road Crochet.
Buttons and other clips can be added to this finished piece to allow it to hold other accessories.

CH 65

Row 1: DC in the 3rd CH from the hook. DC in each CH 62 across. (63 DC)

Row 2: CH6, turn, DC in first ST. DC in each ST across. (63 DC)

row 2

Row 3: CH2, turn, DC in each ST across. (63 DC)

Finishing Row (optional): CH1, rotate the piece so you are working down the side of rows 1-3, Work 2 SC into the side of Row 3, Work 7 SC around the turning CH of Row 2, Work 2 SC into the side of Row 1.

finishing row

Fasten off and weave in your ends.

Creating Headband Holders

Take the bottom of the organizer and fold it up 5.5 inches. Cut three 9-inch pieces of yarn. Using one piece, sew the bottom of the organizer to the spot that it touches after folding.

Using the two other pieces of yarn, sew the top and bottom layers of the folded portion together as indicated in the photo below. This should leave you with 3 sections that are approximately 1.75 inches tall. The sewn sections will create 3 tubes that headbands can be hooked into.

sewing the organizer

Now your crochet hair accessory organizer is complete and ready to be enjoyed. They work up fast and make a great gift.

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crochet hair accessory organizer
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