Bohemian Beaded Necklace Free Crochet Pattern

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Use this free crochet pattern and in less than 30 minutes you will have a new bohemian style beaded crochet necklace. This is a great pattern that is quick and easy and great for beginners. #crochet #free #pattern #freepattern #crochetnecklace #quick #easy #forbeginners

The Bohemian Beaded Necklace is a nature-inspired accessory that is the perfect compliment to almost any outfit. It’s neutral colors and natural materials lean towards the bohemian style.

This necklace is the first official pattern in my 30 Minute Thursday Free Crochet Pattern Series of 2018. In this series, I share a new 30-minute crochet pattern every Thursday. If you want to know my inspiration behind the series, check out my 7 Benefits of Quick and Easy Crochet Projects.

Use this free crochet pattern and in less than 30 minutes you will have a new bohemian style beaded crochet necklace. This is a great pattern that is quick and easy and great for beginners. #crochet #free #pattern #freepattern #crochetnecklace #quick #easy #forbeginners

I really wanted to create a beaded cotton necklace to accessorize my simple tank and shorts style. I had just made the Pineapple Pendant earrings and for this pattern, I didn’t want to use extra jewelry supplies to finish the project.

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When designing this necklace, I decided to use a button instead of a clasp and work the buttonhole and button mounting point into the design.  I am really enjoying working with Lion Brand’s new 24/7 cotton. It is a medium-size cotton yarn with a wonderful stitch definition. I had some of this yarn leftover from my Goldenrod Tank Top, and my Summer Garden Scarf.

I wanted to make a fun quick project for my 30 Minute Thursday series. The cotton was the perfect compliment to my wooden beads for a bohemian touch.

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This pattern was updated in September 2019. I reworked the pattern to lay a little nicer and added a video tutorial. Below is the pattern worked with Lion Brand’s ZZ Twist and white beads. I also changed the hook size because a B hook can be hard to find.

crochet Bohemian necklace

Bohemian Beaded Necklace Pattern


Lion Brand Yarn 24-7 Cotton Yarn, Ecru 10-12 yards
30 Wooden  1/4 inch Beads
1 wooden 1/2 inch button
Yarn needle
Crochet Hook, Size E, 3.5mm
Super Glue (Optional)

Be careful when choosing your beads, you will need to be able to fit the yarn and needle through the bead hole. 


Stitches and Abbreviations

Ch – Chain
Sc – Single Crochet
Slst – Slip Stitch
FO – Fasten off
Bead – Chain around a bead.


6 chain = 1”

Special stitches

How to chain around the bead – Slide a bead up to the hook, pull on the loop on the hook so that it is looser, yarn over with the yarn on the opposite side of the bead, pull through the loop on your hook to complete the chain.


(ch 9, bead) x7 – This means you will repeat the instructions in the parenthesis () seven times then continue with the rest of the pattern.

Use this free crochet pattern and in less than 30 minutes you will have a new crochet bohemian style beaded necklace. This is a great pattern that is quick and easy and great for beginners. #crochet #free #pattern #freepattern #crochetnecklace #quick #easy #forbeginners

Video Tutorial

Bohemian Beaded Necklace

First Thread your 30 beads on to your yarn. Push them down the yarn about a foot or two to give yourself yarn to work with.

Use this free crochet pattern and in less than 30 minutes you will have a new crochet bohemian style beaded necklace. This is a great pattern that is quick and easy and great for beginners. #crochet #free #pattern #freepattern #crochetnecklace #quick #easy #forbeginners

The necklace is worked in a oval shape. The first row worked will be the third strand in the necklace, you will then turn and create the button mounting point and then work the second strand of the necklace, work around the button hole, then work the fourth strand in the necklace, work around the button mount and your last row will be working the first strand in the necklace.  I know that sounds confusing so I add photo directions to help.   

Row 1: Ch 9, SlSt to the very first ch made. (This creates your button hole.) Ch 31, bead, *Ch 8, bead* repeat from *to* a total of 7 times, Ch 35, turn.

Row 2: Sc in the second Ch from the hook, Sc in the next 3 Ch, Ch 31, bead, *Ch 7, bead* repeat from *to* a total of 6 times , Ch 31, Sc in the SlSt of Row 1, Work 12 Sc into the button hole created by the first Ch 10. This will cause you to turn your work.

Row 3: Sc into the other side of the SlSt of Row 1. Ch 28, bead, *Ch 7, bead* repeat from *to* a total of 8 times , Ch 28, Sc into the 4 sc of Row t2 (the button mounting point) Sc 2 along the side of the button mounting point.

Row 4: Working down the other side, Sc 4 along the opposite side of the button mounting point, Ch 30, bead *Ch 8, bead* repeat from *to* a total of 5 times , Ch 30, SlSt into a Sc near the button hole. FO.

Weave in your ends and sew on your button.

Your necklace is complete. You can wet the cotton yarn and lay it flat to help the necklace lay nicer. I used a bit of superglue on my beads to keep the yarn from slipping out of place. Now you have a great new accessory to add to your collection.

Let me know how you like this free crochet pattern. If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will try and help the best I can. I hope you decide to make a Bohemian Beaded Necklace of your own. If you do, I would LOVE to see a photo! If you share it on social media be sure to tag me @windingroadcrochet or #windingroadcrochet

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quick and easy bohemian necklace made with this free crochet pattern. Perfect for women wanting to add a natural touch to their accessories. Perfect handmade jewelry. #crochetjewelry #bohocrochet #bohemian #handmadejewelry
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16 thoughts on “Bohemian Beaded Necklace Free Crochet Pattern”

  1. Greetings…. I have made my first attempt at this necklace, and tried to adjust it for using larger beads (1/2 inch long paper beads, to be exact). I subtracted 2 chains from each of the between-beads chains, and that seemed to work just fine for strands 2, 3, and 4. Strand 1, however, turned out much too long. So, after fiddling around with holding the 10th chain at each end up to the buttonhole and button mount (which seems to bring it closer to the correct length for that strand) on my next attempt, I am going to chain 30 and 35 at the ends, i.e. subtract 10 chains from each end. I am not happy about having to start over… but also, my particular skein of yarn has a knot in it (don’t you HATE it when they do that?!) that ended up right in the center front of one of the strands! Grrrr! So I will unravel the whole thing (sigh) and cut the yarn to begin after the knot.

    In a somewhat-unrelated question… do you have any restrictions on someone like me selling necklaces made from your design? Assuming, of course, that I get my adjustments straightened out, and anybody wants to buy them? Thanks. 🙂

  2. Hello Lindsey,
    I’m having a go at making this necklace but when I add the bead, I only have one strand circling it, your pics show two, do you have a tutorial that shows how you crochet around the bead?
    Many thanks, Neita

    • I do not have a tutorial for crocheting around the bead. I Chain around the bead, this cause on strand to go through the bead and two to go around. Are you threading the beads onto the yarn before you start the project?

  3. Hi Lindsey,
    Could you please tell me how long the shortest strand is around? I have a pretty large neck, and I want to know if I’ll need to adjust it when I make it. Thanks so much!

    • The first (shortest) row is 18 inches. If you adjust the pattern I would just add some extra chains to the sides (the place where it says to chain 30). I would not adjust the space between beads. The beads are spaced out so they are staggered from row to row.

  4. I love your projects, especially the necklace and the C2C animals. I haven’t made them yet. The C2C intimidates me. I hope to give them a try.

    • Check out my c2c page. I have a very in depth tutorial on how to c2c crochet and then I have 12 small washcloth patterns that are great for practicing working a picture into c2c. They are small projects that are perfect for practicing.

  5. Hi Lindsay, I love this necklace but it’s too intimidating for me as I’m a true beginner. I would like to make an anklet. Could I just use the shortest strand and adjust the length on each end?


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