7 Benefits of Quick and Easy Crochet Projects

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There are days that life can really get you down and I want to show you how a little crochet project can help lift you back up. In this blog post, I will share with you my 7 benefits of quick and easy crochet projects. Crochet can help you:

  • stitch away stress
  • gain a sense of accomplishment
  • help you sleep
  • make you feel appreciated
  • Boost your sense of self-worth
  • fix everyday problems
  • ‘bonus’ provides you with a last-minute gift to show how you care!

Then if you check out my blog every Thursday I will share with you a new free 30-minute crochet pattern to add to your collection to help get you through your workweek.

7 benefits of quick and easy crochet projects

My Story

Let me paint you a picture of a day that really used to get me down. You see, I am now a stay at home mom and a want-to-be blogger, but I used to manage a small retail store. I always had orders to make, deliveries to get out and customers to help on top of all my managerial tasks. Everyday I would make myself a to do list, then I would spend all day putting out fires and solving everyone else’s problems.

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At the end of the day my to do list didn’t have a single thing checked off. When I went home, I would feel like, I FAILED. I felt like I didn’t accomplish a single thing even when I accomplished a LOT. However, nothing that I thought helped, and I’d go home feeling terrible. 

7 benefits of quick and easy crochet projects

Have you had a day like this? This is the type of day that a quick crochet project really benefited me and can benefit you.

7 Benefits of Quick and Easy Crochet Projects

Bad days happen, but a quick and easy crochet project can help help turn them around. This article will tell you 7 benefits of completing a quick and easy crochet project after a hard day at work. #benefits #crochet #quick #easy

1. Stitch Away Stress

The first way crochet can really help is by relaxing us. The rhythmic steady pattern of completing stitch after stitch can slow you down and help you focus on relaxing and breathing. Sometimes I will even bring a crochet project, big or small, to work in case my stress levels rise. Taking a 10 minute break and crocheting away the stress really helps me handle the rest of the day.  

2. Sense of Accomplishment

To stitch away stress you only need to have an easy crochet project on hand, but we are talking about the benefits of quick and easy crochet projects. The difference is by finishing a project you get to say, “I DID IT!” You accomplished something today! A check mark on that to do list! This can help brighten your mood and let you enjoy the rest of your evening.

7 benefits of quick and easy crochet projects

3. Help you Sleep

This one may just be me, but stress and that unfinished to do list, can really keep me up at night. Crocheting can relax me and completing the project before I go to bed can prevent the  “one more row” syndrome of a longer project. I finish my project. I am relaxed and drift to sleep basking in that sense of accomplishment.

4. Sense of Appreciation

I do not know a single person who doesn’t want to be appreciated. It is something we constantly strive for. Make someone a quick pair of slippers or a headband and you will have instant appreciation. Crochet for someone you love and know loves your creations.

7 benefits of quick and easy crochet projects

5. Sense of Self Worth

This may seem similar to sense of appreciation, but I am talking about a more personal sense of appreciation. Crocheting can help you appreciate yourself. If you are having a rough day I want you to crochet something for you! When you are done, I want you to look at what you have created and remember. You are beautiful, you are talented, and you are unique. Do not ever believe anything else. 

7 benefits of quick and easy crochet projects

I have met so many people who tell me they wish they could crochet. These people envy you. You are so very special. You are the person your family and friends turn to when they want that special something made for them, because you are talented.

6. Last Minute Gift

The last two benefits of quick and easy crochet projects are less emotionally uplifting and are more practical. If you get faced with a last minute baby shower, wedding, or birthday party, a collection of quick and easy crochet projects can really save the day. Your gift will be unique and handmade items are always appreciated. 

7. Fix Everyday Problems

I have been using the term “crochet fix” for a while… well at least in my head. I have been so surprised how many of my everyday problems can be fixed with yarn and a hook. For example, I have made a small rug for a filing cabinet that was scratching my wood floor, a bowl cozy to protect my fingers from microwaved bowls, and a water bottle holder for a stroller that does not hold cups. 

In my eyes there is very few problems I can’t fix with crochet. It just takes a hook, a bit of yarn, a little imagination and a little time. 

Crochet a quick and easy Crochet Pineapple Pendant or two and wear them on a necklace, bracelet, earrings or even as a zipper pull. This free crochet pattern takes very little time to accomplish with just a few basic jewelry and crochet supplies. This is a great project using only basic crochet stitches. Photo tutorial is available for any slightly tricky parts so even beginners can make this project. #forbeginners #quick #easy #crochet #freecrochetpattern #freecrochet #crochetpattern #pineapple #jewelry #crochetjewelry #crochetnecklace #crochetearrings #crochetbracelet #earrings #pineapplejewelry
Free crochet pattern for a quick and easy bowl cozy.
This free baby dress crochet pattern is designed to be quick and simple to create for the beginner or expert crocheters alike. The pattern comes in size newborn through 18 months.


Pineapple Pendant / Quick Bowl Cozy / Simple Spring Baby Dress

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