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Crochet Blanket Border: Mini Basketweave

Full of texture, this crochet blanket border will look great around any blanket. I have recently become obsessed with creating a crochet blanket border. There is just something about figuring out how to work around the corner and continue the pattern for several rows. I have several crochet blanket borders planned for the future. Please …

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Crochet Appliques: Crochet Paintings Part 3

Now it is time to really add some pizzazz to our crochet paintings. In part three, we will be creating crochet appliques that add a 3D effect and character to our crochet paintings. Crochet Paintings: Part 3 In this post, you will be focusing on the crochet appliques that are made with several different types …

Stitch Tutorials

A Practical Crochet Planner you will Love: Free Download

Don’t you wish you could just be playing with yarn all the time. Sadly there is everyday chores that need to be done, like house cleaning and work. Now you can keep track of your day to day activities and still enjoy a little yarny goodness with this Free Printable Crochet Planner. Please follow and …