Easy Pocket Shawl – Free Crochet Pattern

Pockets on a shawl? What a wonderful idea. This easy pocket shawl is warm and cozy and very easy to crochet.

Below you will find the complete pattern and instructional photos for this easy pocket shawl crochet pattern. You will also find all the materials, stitches, gauge, and sizing information.

Crochet a super easy pocket shawl that will keep you warm and cozy. Free crochet pattern and easy to follow video tutorial.

Easy Pocket Shawl Inspiration

Every once in awhile I ask the crochet community on Facebook and Instagram to tell me what they want to see me design. A crochet pocket shawl was mentioned several times.

I just loved the stitch combination used for the Woodland Hooded Scarf, so I decided to use the same stitch combination on this easy pocket shawl. Both the ribbing and the moss stitch is easy for beginners to learn and make a stunning look when used together.

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Making an Easy Pocket Shawl

I have seen a lot of pocket shawl patterns and they are beautiful, but the also tend to be very intricate and not really for a beginner crochet. This easy pocket shawl only uses single crochet and chains.

We will be working into the back loops only to create a nice ribbing, but this skill is very easy to learn and is demonstrated at the beginning of the video tutorial. So if you are a beginner, you can still make this lovely pocket shawl.

Crochet a super easy pocket shawl that will keep you warm and cozy. Free crochet pattern and easy to follow video tutorial.

Adjusting the Size

The ideal size of a pocket shawl is to be the same as your wingspan or the length from fingertip to fingertip. This shawl is designed to match my wingspan which is 63 inches. Luckily it is really easy to adjust this shawl pattern. You just need to increase or decrease the starting chain in multiples of two.

Then when you work your shawl you will see a set of repeats in the pattern. For every two chains you added to the shawl, you will work one less repeat in the pattern. The same goes for decreasing the starting chain.

Crochet a super easy pocket shawl that will keep you warm and cozy. Free crochet pattern and easy to follow video tutorial.

Pocket Shawl Yarn Substitution

I really love using Lion Brand’s Color Made Easy yarn. It is a perfect size 5 weight and has so many lovely colors for this shawl. Any size 5 yarn will work for this pattern just look for a yarn that is a true size 5 as some of the yarns listed as size five tend to be a bit thin. Make sure to check your gauge.

Some options for yarn substitutions would include Lion Brand Homespun, Red Heart Hygge, Bernat Velvet, and Red Heart With Love Chunky.

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Crochet a super easy pocket shawl that will keep you warm and cozy. Free crochet pattern and easy to follow video tutorial.

The Premium Ad-Free PDF Pattern

Below you will find the free pattern with all the instructional photos and videos needed to complete the pattern, but I am also aware that several of us like to crochet on the couch, in the car, or in bed with a print out of the pattern. This is why I also offer a nicely formatted large font PDF version of the pattern. You can print the pattern and take it on the go with you or tuck it into your project bag or basket. The Premium Pattern can be purchased on Etsy.

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Easy Harvest Crochet Pocket Shawl

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Materials Needed

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28 oz or 988 yds of Lion Brand, Color Made Easy (Size 5 Yarn) in Mineral (4 skeins)
Size L 8 mm Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle
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Stitches and Abbreviations

CH – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
BLOSC – Back Loop Only Single Crochet
ST(s) – Stitch(es)

Gauge and Size

Gauge: 5 SC X 6 Rows = 2 inches.

Size: After wearing, the shawl measures 67 inches by 16.5 inches. It should be 60 inches wide before being stretched from wear.

Adjusting the Size

The goal is to have the shawl be the same length as your wingspan (the measurement from fingertips to fingertips). If you need to add or take away length from the shawl, just add or subtract from the starting chain in multiples of 2.

Then when you work your pattern, the part of the pattern that will be adjusted is the number of repeats. For every 2 chains you add or subtract from the shawl, You will adjust the repeat total by 1.

Updated Sizing

After a year of having this pattern published, I decided to add more instructions for different sizes. I will be using the terms small, medium, large, x-large, and 2XL, but please check your wingspan against the sizes to determine which size you need to make. Someone may normally wear a size small, but if they are tall they may need a size large shawl to match their wingspan.

Easy Pocket Shawl Video Tutorial

Check out the herringbone crochet border video tutorial and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more fun crochet video tutorials.

Easy Harvest Crochet Pocket Shawl

-Written in US terms.
– The stitch count will be one fewer than the starting chain for every row with single crochet and chains count as stitches. (Except the turning chain.)
– The CH1, turning chain does not count as a stitch.

Crochet Shawl

For Size Small CH 131
For Size Medium CH 146
For Size Large CH 151
For Size X-Large CH 161
For Size 2XL CH 171

Row 1: SC in 2nd CH from the hook. SC in each CH across.

Row 2-6: CH1, turn, BLOSC in each ST across.

Row 7: CH1, turn, BLOSC in first 30 STs, *CH1, Skip a ST, SC in next ST* repeat from *to* a total of 35(40, 45, 50, 55) times. BLOSC in last 30 STs.

The difference between all the sizes is in how many times you work the repeat pattern. I have separated the size information below to make this easy to understand. You will work the number of repeats indicated for your size for rows 7-45.

For Size Small, you will work the repeat pattern 35 times.
For Size Medium, you will work the repeat pattern 40 times.
For Size Large, you will work the repeat pattern 45 times.
For Size X-Large, you will work the repeat pattern 50 times.
For Size 2XL, you will work the repeat pattern 55 times.

Row 8-44: CH1, turn, BLOSC in first 30 STs, *CH1, Skip a ST, SC in next CH space* repeat from *to* a total of 35(40, 45, 50, 55) times. BLOSC in last 30 STs.

Row 45: CH1, turn, BLOSC in first 30 STs, *BLOSC in next ST, BLOSC in next CH* repeat from *to* a total of 35(40, 45, 50, 55) times. BLOSC in last 30 STs.

Row 46-50: CH1, turn, BLOSC in each ST across.

After Row 50, fasten off and weave in the yarn ends.

Crochet a super easy pocket shawl that will keep you warm and cozy. Free crochet pattern and easy to follow video tutorial.

Crochet Shawl Pockets (Make 2)

CH 27

Row 1: SC in 2nd CH from the hook. SC in next 25 STs. (26)

Row 2-11: CH1, turn, SC in next 26 STs. S

Row 12: CH1, turn, SC in first 2 STs, *CH1, Skip a ST, SC in next ST* repeat from *to* a total of 11 times. SC in last 2 STs.

Row 13-20: CH1, turn, SC in first 2 STs, *CH1, Skip a ST, SC in next CH space* repeat from *to* a total of 11 times. SC in last 2 STs.

Row 21: CH1, turn, BLOSC in first 2 STs, *BLOSC in next ST, BLOSC in next CH* repeat from *to* a total of 11 times. BLOSC in last 2 STs.

Row 22-26: CH1, turn, BLOSC in next 26 STs.

After Row 26, fasten off leaving a 2-3 foot yarn end to sew the pocket to the shawl.

Finishing Up the Pocket Shawl

Place the pocket on the end of the shawl as shown in the picture below. The pocket will be 1 inch from the short end of the shawl and centered between the two long ends.

Sewing instructions

Use the long yarn end still attached to the pocket and a yarn needle to sew three sides of the pocket to the shawl. I used a running stitch (a simple up and down stitch) to sew the pocket in place.

Once three sides are sewn on, secure your work with a knot, fasten off and weave in your ends. Flip your shawl around and repeat the process on the other side of the shawl.

Your Easy Harvest Pocket Shawl is complete!

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Crochet a super easy pocket shawl that will keep you warm and cozy. Free crochet pattern and easy to follow video tutorial.
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87 thoughts on “Easy Pocket Shawl – Free Crochet Pattern”

    • The shawl stretches to 67 inches so I wouldn’t adjust it, but if you want to adjust it to be longer I would add 6 chains to the starting chain and work the repeat a total of 48 times.

  1. So what do I need to do for 73” wingspan?
    Another wingspan is 63”-which I think should stay the same as your pattern?
    I’m so excited about this pattern-making for my 2 daughters and daughter in law!

  2. Hello Lindsey. I purchased your pattern on Etsy. I’m making your beautiful shawl pattern for my Aunt who is 5’6”, my sister who is 5’9”, my neighbor who is 5’2”, and one more for someone who is 5’7”. Can you please help me as far as how many chains to add or not add to your 151 start? Does the length of the shawl stretch or is the width of the shawl that stretches, or both? Thank you for your pattern and for you help.

    • So my shawl started at 60 inches long based on gauge and stretched to 67 inches when it was done and had been used. This is not always the case but I believe that your wingspan is very close to your height. That isn’t exactly true because my wingspan was 60″ and my height is 65 inches. But based on what you are telling me I would use the pattern as is for the 5’6″, 5’2″, and 5’7″. The 5’9″ you might add 6 chain to the starting chain and that means you will work the repeat 48 times. For me I only really saw that the width of the shawl stretches.

  3. I think mine needs to be made longer even if it stretches perhaps? Your wingspan is 56” only. For a wingspan of 68” like my tall sister has, what should I do? I have a total of 170 sts because I wanted it to be longer and cozier for her to wrap up in. Do I perhaps measure 64” or 63” or so and place the pocket on, then rinse and repeat for the opposite end of the shawl? The shawl is 70” or more roughly. I’m wondering mostly where to place the pockets. Thanks for any guidance! 🙂

    • I would place the pockets 1-2 inches from the edge. The wingspan is 68 and the shawl is 70. It will stretch just a bit so 1-2 inches from the edge will work well.

      • In your video you saw that the shawl is meant to fit someone with a wingspan around 58” and my wingspan is 64” so do I need to add to the chain? How much does it stretch once finished?

        • If you are using the same yarn I wouldn’t. I was wrong on my wingspan, my wingspan is actually 63″. The shawl is designed to be 60 inches wide with the gauge but stretched to 67 inches. So I would actually leave the pattern as is.

  4. Love the pattern and want to make this pocket shawl! I have lots of #4 worsted yarn I would like be to use for this! I have same 56” wingspan. Any suggestions as to # of starting chains and hook size? Thank you so much!

    • What I have been suggesting for those wanting to work with size 4 yarn is to work with two strands held together. This way you can follow the pattern exactly as it is written.

  5. Hi. Making this for a friend. Using 6 weight yarn. Her wingspan is 58 inches. Could you tell me how many in the starting chain. Ty.

    • I can just tell you to chain an odd number of chains until you reach 58 inches. How many chains will depend on your gauge. Since your gauge will be different from the gauge listed above I won’t be able to provide exact numbers.

  6. Hi Lindsey,
    I sent you a message via the website before realizing you had answered my exact question in these comments. Thanks and never mind!

  7. Hi Lindsey,
    I love this pattern and want to make it for my friends daughter. Her wing span is 58″. Could you tell me how many in the starting chain. Thank You!

    • I would work a chain of 143, the first row will only be 57 inches but this shawl stretches quite a bit. Then when you work the moss stitch repeat you will work 42 repeats.

  8. I was looking for a pocket shawl that was easy yet pretty, this is it!! Plus, the stitches used don’t leave a lot of holes, it’s a nice compact stitch, good for warmth. I’m 5’10, 70ins, wingspan about 68…how much does this stretch? I don’t want it too big or it won’t fit comfortably. Thanks so much

    • So my shawl stitches up to 60 inches, but after being worn I remeasured it and it was 67 inches. I actually think it is a little if it is a little less than your wingspan because then when your hands are in the pockets it your arms are resting and slightly bent and not reaching for the pockets.

  9. I ant to make this for a petite lady with 52 inch wingspan. So 138 chains right? How do I adjust moss stitches? Should I do 42 rows? Thx.

    • Ok, you want to chain 139, the chain should always be odd so that the stitch count will be even (ch1 turning chain). So you are taking away 12 chains, which means we need to take away 6 repeats, so you will work all the repeats 39 times. Basically, we want the first and last 30 STS to be in the BLO and everything else is the moss stitch.

    • I would start with a CH of 171. Remember in rows 7-44 you will still work 30 sts in blo at the beginning and the end of the project and simply adjust the repeats in the middle of the project.

  10. Greetings! My #5 yarn from LionBrand came in today! I’m ready to start my “Easy Pocket Shawl” pattern from you and I do need your help 🙂 My wingspan is 67″ so I am not sure how to adjust my pattern from you. I really appreciate your helping me with this.

    Cherie Johanson
    Oak Ridge, NC

    • The shawl is made to be 60 inches but stretches to 67 (for me it did). So I would add a little length to the pattern for you. I am thinking you will want to start with a starting chain of 161. Then when you work the repeats in rows 7-44, you will work the repeat 50 times instead of 45 times.

  11. Hello in your video you saw that the shawl is meant for someone with a wingspan of around 58”. My wingspan is 64 so would I have to add more to the chain? If so how much?

    • That is an error in the video, sadly there is no way to correct the video, but my wingspan is actually 63 inches. The shawl is made to be 60 inches but stretched out to 67 inches. So with a wingspan of 64 inches, I would not adjust the pattern. I would just make sure that your gauge is correct and that the yarn you use has a nice stretch to it. The open stitch really made this shawl stretch.

  12. Hello! Cute pattern! I am a bit confused so asking for help. In the written instructions above you say your wing span is 63” so start with 151 chain. However the video says it is made for wing span of 58” or so, start with 151 chain. I have a 68” wing span and am trying to figure out how to adjust and that discrepancy is confusing me. Can you suggest starting # for me? Thank you!

    • Ok the video is wrong but since it is published I can not correct it. The shawls measures 60 inches after crocheted but the shawl stretched to 67 inches. At 68 inches wingspan, I would chain 161 and when you reach rows 7-44 you will work the repeat 50 times instead of 45 times.

      • I am so excited to start this ! I am using #4 and same hook as I crochet big. I hate asking a question as you have had so many. When I do the chain…. Is that what needs to be wing span…, I am a plus woman and hoping I can make this. Will update later, tyvm

        • Yes, the chain needs to be an odd number and a little more than your wingspan. You want to make sure that when you complete row 1 it is the size of your wingspan.

  13. Hello. I am looking forward to making this shawl – it looks lovely! Just a quick question about your instructions – when you say 150 STs (as in Row 2-6 instructions for example), does that include the the CH 1 used to start each row? Thank you!

    • No, you will not count the chain 1 turning chain as a stitch. So you start with 151 chain and then work 150 sc in row one. One sc into the 2nd chain from the hook and then another 149 sc in the remaining chain.

      • I am making this beautiful shawl for my daughter for her birthday, she a bigger girl so I wanted to make it longer, I got that part down about add chs and repeats. My problem is in the second repeat after the 30 when I’m starting the moss stitch and come to that part again do I go into the same stitches as before or so I do something different because it’s like it’s making it shorter and its bunching up. What am I doing wrong. Thanks in advance.

        • When working the moss stitch you skip the stitches of the previous row and work into the chain 1 space. Making sure to be careful with your Chain 1, a lot of people work their chains tighter than their stitches. If the pattern is working out fine but your rows seem shorter then that is most likely the culprit. So make sure to keep your chains loose.

          • Thank you.. I do however still have a problem I just can’t figure out. I have chained 171 stitches, after I work the first 30 stitches and got to the moss stitch I have no problem going from the back loop only to the moss stitch, however, I do have a problem coming off the moss stitch back to the second 30 stitches… I always have an extra stitch between the two stitches, and for the life of me I can’t figure out where I’m going wrong…please help me before I pull all my hair out😗 thanks in advance

          • My best guess is to make sure you finish the repeat. The repat is CH1, skip a stitch, SC in CH1 space. Make sure you work that last SC before working your last 30 stitches in the back loop only. Also do a quick stitch count. You said you chained 171 so you should have 170 stitches, is that correct?

  14. I just completed this, and the borders are sort of wavy – as if there are more stitches – than the middle section. Is this because I was too loose in the BLOCs? Or is this normal and I just need to block it? Thanks!

    • Try blocking it. My shawl stretched about 7 inches. That should give you a lot of room to help fix the waviness. If I was to take a guess, your chains in the center section were a little tight. It is very common to chain tighter than a normal stitch. (Not sure if you have ever had an issue with a foundation chain being less wide than the rest of the project. Most people (including myself) deal with that now and again). But I do think you will be able to block it out.

  15. Love this pattern❤️ Thank you so much!! I followed this pattern and am half way through my work.. but the length is coming shorter. It is 43inches.As per your other comments I have tried checking the gauge 5SCs is coming to 1.5inches for me. I am using the same yarn and the same size hook you mentioned. Appreciate your help!

    • If your gauge is too small then your shawl will be too small. You will need to change to a larger hook to meet the gauge. The gauge needs to be 5SC = 2 inches in order for the shawl to turn out 60 inches wide with how the pattern is written.

      • Hello could I have your help i want to make 3 shawls wingspan 65 in, 67in, and 70 I think for the 65 and maybe 67 I can chain the 151 but need your help with 70 inch one if you could give me any help thank you 8

        • Actually for the 65 inch one I would use 151 ch for the 67 to 70 inch one I would use 161. My shawl stretched to 67 inches but that was with the pockets being 1 inch into the shawl. So for the 67-inch one you could go both ways. I think if it is slightly smaller you won’t be reaching for the pockets and your hands will be resting in the pockets with your arms slightly bent. Definitely want to do 161 for the 70-inch shawl. It will give you a shawl that is 64 inches before stretching but if it stretches the 7 inches like mine did it will be 71 inches once it relaxes.

  16. Hello! I started making this and am about half way through. But now I’m realizing I might need it to be longer based on the comments about wingspan. Also, looking at the picture means mine will probably not be as long as needed. It might be 4ish inches short. Would you suggest adding a 2in border to both ends? Or do you have a better suggestion? Thank you!

    • You can add a border just to the two ends. I saw someone add a few rows of the moss stitch (It is the stitch pattern we use in the center of the shawl) and it looked very pretty.

  17. My granddaughter chose your Easy Pocket shawl for herself. I had Purple size 4 yarn and am using a size 6mm hook.
    Her wingspan is 63 inches even though she is only 12 years. I have 211 chains which after the first row is 63 inches.
    How many inches of BLOSC should I do at each end? She asked me to make as well. I thought the hood from the the White pocket scarf would work. Could you give me some measurements of the hood please.
    Kind regards Laurel

    • Ok, for the pocket shawl the BLOSC section is 12 inches on each side.

      The hood is a 27 inches wide (this is what will be attached to the shawl) then it is folded in half and the top is sewn to make the hood.
      The hood is 13 inches tall.

      I hope that covers all the measurements you need. Let me know if you need anything else.

    • The free pattern is designed to be viewed on the website with the instructional photos close to the instructions. It is not designed to be printed. That is why I also offer the ad-free PDF that can be purchased. The PDF has been designed to be easy to print with photos at the end of the pattern so you can print the pattern without them and save ink.

  18. im new to this crochet im a little confused at the beginning it says to chain 151 then row it says sc into 2nd then sc 149 then row 3 sc into 150 im a missing something

  19. Hi Lindsey!

    I’m almost done with my first shawl (I’m a beginner) and although I used a 5 weight yarn and 8 mm hook and used the 151 chains, my shawl is coming up short for a 60” wingspan. How could I lengthen the shawl? I read a suggestion to add a two in border of moss stitch to the ends? How would I do that? It’s not going to be long enough unfortunately even if I stretch it. It stretches from wrist to wrist max? Thanks for your address, help, and this beautiful pattern!

    • It is always important to check your gauge. There are a handful of ‘size 5 yarns’ out there that are barely thicker than a size 4 yarn. I have seen someone add a few moss stitch rows to each end and it looked great. You will just need to work along the edges of your previous rows. So you have 50 rows, You will *SC into the side of a row, CH1, skip the side of the next row,* repeat this until you have 2 rows left and SC into the side of the last 2 rows.

      Then the next row and all rows after, you will – CH1,turn, SC, skip a ST, *SC in CH space, Skip a ST* repeat until you have a CH1, Space and 1 ST left. SC in last CH1 Space and Last ST.

      Repeat this last row until it is as long as you wish and then repeat the same number of rows on the other end.

      I hope this helps.

  20. Hi Linsey, if I want the wrap to be a little wider, are there any tricks I should be aware of or just add additional rows in the middle of the pattern (rows 8-44)? It’s going to be for my Mom and I want it to be really warm and cover her back a bit more. Thanks!

    • The starting chain is supposed to be 151, which would have a middle section repeat 45 times, since you extended it to 171, you will work 30 stitches at the beginning, then work the repeat 55 times, then work 30 stitches at the end for a total of 170 stitches.

  21. Hi Lindsey,
    Thank you for the beautiful shawl pattern. I’ve completed the work but forgot to leave a sewing length to attach the pockets. Can you tell me how to attach yarn to complete the sewing.
    Thank you

  22. Question on yarn, I want to use another 5 weight yarn since the one you show has been discontinued . You state 988 yards of lion brand =color made easy and need 4 skeins.
    is the total yarn needed 988, or x 4 = 3952. since I cant find this yarn, I have no idea how many yards are on this Color made Easy Yarn?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Color Made Easy has 247 yards per skein so the 988 yds is the total yardage needed for the project. Lion Brand is nice enough to still have the information on their website for discontinued yarns.

  23. Hi I am making your pocket shawl using #4 worsted weight and # 6.5 hook. I chained 171 for the length. my question is how wide is the BLOSC ribbing? I think I have to do more than 6 rows to get the width
    Thanks AJ

    • Yes, you will have to do more rows. The bottom ribbing is 2 inches wide. Make sure to check your overall width and make sure it is as wide as you want it to be. The ribbed section on each side of the shawl is 12 inches. I imagine you may have to work more than 30 stitches for ribbing on each side to make a section large enough to accommodate your pocket.

  24. Hello! I am hoping to make this for a friend soon and was wondering if you could answer a question of mine – I’m hoping to use 2 yarns at once to create some color variance and assume that sizing down the pattern will accommodate what will probably be larger stitches. Does this seem smart or should I just follow the size guide as is?

    • I would work up a sample swatch and check your gauge. Are you planning on using two strands of weight #5 yarn? If so your yarn will be double the thickness and the stitches will be larger.

      If you use two strands of weight #4 yarn then it would equal close to a weight #5 yarn and you might not need to adjust the pattern at all.

      The other thing you can do is work row 1 and then measure the overall length and see if the measurement is accurate to the size you are trying to make.

  25. Hi.started the shawl for a 2xl and I measured it and its only at 62 inches stretched and need a wingspan of about 75 inches.defineltly too short.i chained 171 sts with 8mm hook.my thought was to add about 21 more sts and will be close to 70 inches.am I correct to say this.how long should the back loop sc be at beginning and end?

    • What is your gauge? If you add stitches make sure to add in multiples of 2. So if you are adding stitches I would add 20. The BLOSC section should be roughly 12 inches on each side. (30 sts/5 SC (gauge) = 6) and the gauge is for 2 inches so 2*6= 12.

      If your gauge is correct the shawl should be 68 inches unstretched. If it isn’t you may need to switch to a larger hook to meet the gauge.

  26. Thankyou.my gauge is approx 7 sts to 2 inches.i went up to 214 sts instead of 171 and it might just work.the women I’m making it for is a tall women and is a a 2xl


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