Modern Crochet Poncho – Beginner Friendly – Free Crochet Pattern

This crochet poncho has everything you want. It is easy to crochet. You can style it in several different ways. It is just a perfect little addition to your wardrobe.

Below you will find the complete pattern and instructional photos for this pattern. You will also find all the materials, stitches, gauge, and sizing information. This poncho is very easy to make and even easier to style.

crochet poncho

Designing a Crochet Poncho as a Group

I love designing, it is fun to let my creativity do its thing, but with this poncho I wanted to design something everyone would love. So I asked my Crochet Journey Facebook Group what they wanted in a poncho. A few ideas elements kept being recommended.

They wanted a poncho that:
1. Was light and airy.
2. Easy to remove.
3. Beginner Friendly.
4. Can be worn in many ways.

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So the that is what I aimed for and the Style Me Crochet Poncho is what was created. I really hope you like it.

crochet poncho

Styling this Buttoned Crochet Poncho

This poncho is basically a rectangle that is buttoned over the shoulder to create a poncho. You can wear the buttons in the back to have an asymmetrical and dramatic look. Place the buttons over your shoulder and let the poncho drape diagonally across your body. You can unbutton the poncho and use it as a shawl, or use the buttons like a shawl pin to keep the shawl in place. Try buttoning one button over your shoulder and let the extra material cascade down one side. It is completely up to you. Tell me your favorite way to wear this poncho.

crochet poncho

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crochet poncho

The Premium Ad-Free PDF Pattern

Below you will find the free pattern with all the instructional photos and videos needed to complete the pattern, but I am also aware that several of us like to crochet on the couch, in the car, or in bed with a print out of the pattern. This is why I also offer a nicely formatted ad-free large font PDF version of the pattern that can be purchased on Etsy. You can print the pattern and take it on the go with you or tuck it into your project bag or basket.

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Style Me Crochet Poncho Pattern

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Materials Needed

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9.5-14.7 oz or 688-1064 yds of Bernat Softee Baby Yarn (Size 3 Yarn)
Crochet Hook 5.5mm Size I
Yarn Needle
3-4 3/4inch Buttons
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Stitches and Abbreviations

CH – Chain
DC – Double Crochet
ST(s) – Stitch(es)

Gauge and Size

Gauge: 13 DC X 8 Rows = 4 inches

SizeChest MeasurementPoncho Width (when folded in half)Poncho HeightYarn Needed
XS/S28-34 in 28.75 in18 in9.5 oz/ 688 yds
M36 – 38 in30.5 in19 in10.7 oz/ 775 yds
L/XL40 – 46 in32 in20 in12.1 oz/ 876 yds
2X/3X48 – 54 in33.75 in21 in13.4 oz/ 970 yds
4X/5X56 – 62 in35 in22 in14.7 oz/1064 yds

Crochet Poncho Video Tutorial

Check out the crochet pattern video tutorial and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more fun crochet video tutorials.

Style Me Crochet Poncho Pattern

-Written in US terms.
– I do not count my CH2, turning chain, as a stitch.
– Sizes are listed as XS/S (M, L/XL, 2X/3X, 4X/5X)
– Stitch Counts are listed at the end of the first row, (XS/S, M, L/XL, 2X/3X, 4X/5X). Your stitch count should not change for the entire project.
– Make sure to have a loose tension when working the starting chain.

CH 189 (199, 211, 221, 229)

Row 1: Starting with the 3rd CH from the hook, DC in each CH. (187, 197, 209, 219, 227)

Row 2: CH2, turn, DC in 1st ST, *CH1, Skip a ST, DC in next ST.* repeat from *to* until the end of the row.

Row 3: CH2, turn, DC in 1st ST, *DC in CH1 space, DC in next ST* repeat from *to* until end of row.

Row 4: CH2, turn, DC in 1st ST, *CH1, Skip a ST, DC in next ST.* repeat from *to* until the end of the row.

Row 5: CH2, turn, DC in 1st ST, *DC in CH1 space, DC in next ST* repeat from *to* until end of row.

Row 6: CH2, turn, DC in 1st ST, *CH1, Skip a ST, DC in next ST.* repeat from *to* until the end of the row.

Row 7: CH2, turn, DC in 1st ST, *DC in CH1 space, DC in next ST* repeat from *to* until end of row.

Row 8: CH2, turn, DC in each ST across. (187, 197, 209, 219, 227)

Now you will continue repeating Row 8 until the poncho is as long as you would like it to be. My suggested row counts are listed below for each size.

XS/S – Repeat Row 8 until you have 31 rows.
M – Repeat Row 8 until you have 33 rows.
L/XL – Repeat Row 8 until you have 35 rows.
2X/3X – Repeat Row 8 until you have 37 rows.
4X/5X – Repeat Row 8 until you have 39 rows.

Adding the Buttons

We are almost done. Fold the poncho in half and measure from the fold to where the first button should be placed, and sew on a button. From there measure 8-9 inches and sew on your second button, repeat the process for the third button.

XS/S – Measure over 13 inches and sew on the first button.
M – Measure over 14 inches and sew on the first button.
L/XL – Measure over 15.5 inches and sew on the first button.
2X/3X – Measure over 16 inches and sew on the first button.
4X/5X – Measure over 16.5 inches and sew on the first button.

Sew in all your ends and the Style Me Crochet Poncho is complete. Try it on and let me know in the comments what your favorite way to where it is.

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You will love this beginner-friendly crochet poncho that can be styled in so many ways. Free crochet pattern with a video tutorial.
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7 thoughts on “Modern Crochet Poncho – Beginner Friendly – Free Crochet Pattern”

  1. Thank you so much for the Style Me Crochet Poncho Wrap. I love this design! And, thank you also for all the free patterns you offer to your fans. We love them!

  2. Lindsey, I sneaked out of away from a Zoom class to check my email and there you were. This poncho is exactly what I have been looking for and I can’t wait to start it. The 330 1 1/4 triangles will just have to wait. Thanks for your gift of creativity.

    • Yes and no. Ok red heart super saver is a size 4 yarn. You can use it, but you will want to go up at least one hook size and you will want to make a poncho 1-2 sizes smaller than you would normally make yourself.

      So the answer is yes, you can use it but you will have to make some adjustments. After working 2-3 rows check the width of your poncho (there are measurements in the size chart).

      If you want to follow the pattern exactly and make the size you would normally wear, then you will end up with a poncho that is too large. So it just depends on how comfortable you are in adjusting the pattern.


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