Teacher’s C2C Crochet Pencil Banner Free Crochet Pattern

Teachers deserve a beautiful custom gift and here is a lovely corner-to-corner crochet pencil banner that is easy to customize. Make one with the free crochet pattern below.

Below you will find the complete written pattern (chart) and instructional photos for the Crochet Pencil Banner pattern. You will also find the material list, stitch list, gauge, related video tutorials, and sizing information.

New to Corner to Corner Crochet?

If you are brand new to Corner to Corner Crochet, check out  Corner to Corner for Beginners. There you will find photo and video tutorials for Corner to Corner Crochet, plus practice patterns! This graph is also very easy for a first-time corner-to-corner graph.

When doing a corner-to-corner crochet, I love to use the Printable Yarn Bobbins to keep my project tangle-free!

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Crochet a quick Corner to corner crochet wash cloth or pot holder using this small Heart Balloon C2C graph. This graph works up quickly and is designed to c2c beginners. Get the graph, written chart and suggestions for using yarn bobbins. #c2ccrochet #crochetwashcloth #crochetpotholder

A Custom Teacher Pencil Banner

It means a lot to a teacher to receive a custom gift. Teachers play such a large role in our children’s lives and they deserve a big thanks. So here is a quick and easy way to crochet them a custom gift.

To customize this banner, you can embroider the teacher’s name or initial on to the banner. You can also change the colors. Consider making the pencil and the background the school colors or the teacher’s favorite color.

Not a C2C Fan?

Consider following this tutorial to learn how to convert corner-to-corner crochet to a standard double crochet project. Even better you can use the linked double crochet stitch to eliminate gaps between your stitches.

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crochet pencil banner

C2C Crochet Pencil Banner Pattern

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Materials Needed

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2.6 oz or 136 yds of Red Heart Super Saver, (Weight: 4/medium –  364 yds, 7 oz, 198 g)
The colors used for pencil design:
Turqua or Soft White – 1.2 oz or 63 yds
Light Pink or Petal Pink – 0.2 oz or 10.5 yds (364 blocks)
Light Grey – 0.14 oz or 7.5 yds
Lemon or Gold – 0.9 oz or 47 yds
Buff – 0.2 oz or 9 yds
Black – 2 yd
Size G 4mm Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle
Dowel Rod

Stitches to Know

For this pattern, I am making the assumption that you know how to work the Square Stitch with the Corner to Corner technique to create a rectangle. This is the common stitch just known as C2C crochet.

If you do not know how to C2C Crochet I have written an in-depth tutorial with photos, graphs, and videos to teach you how to increase, decrease, and how to crochet a rectangle with Corner to Corner Crochet.

I even have a video for how to add a Single Crochet border around the edge of your work. You can learn all of that in this post here: The Complete Beginners Guide to Corner to Corner Crochet.

If you are a C2C enthusiast already, then you may want to check out all my Free C2C patterns and graphs.

Gauge and Finish Measurement

The Gauge for this project is 2 Blocks x 2 Blocks = 1 inch x 1 inch.

This is the gauge I had when working with a G hook (4mm). This resulted in a banner that is 15 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

A G hook creates a nice dense material that is easy to embroider into. If you want a larger banner, consider using an H hook (5mm). It will result in a banner that is approximately 19 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall.

C2C Crochet Pencil Banner ‘Pattern’

– A pattern might not be the right word. I often refer to the section below as the written corner-to-corner crochet chart.
– How to Read this ‘pattern’ – Ex. R6: Inc, 2T, 2P, 2T = Increase row, 2 Teal blocks, 2 Pink blocks, 2 Teal blocks.
– To create a rectangle I will be indicating at the beginning of each row if you are increasing or decreasing.
– To create a rectangle we will increase for rows 1-13, then alternate increasing and decreasing for rows 14-28, then decrease for rows 29-40.
– Colors are written as follows: T = Turqua (teal), B = Black, Tan = Buff, Y = Yellow, P = Pink, G = Grey, Inc = Increase, Dec = Decrease.

← Row 1: Inc, T. (1 square)
→ Row 2: Inc, 2T (2 squares)
← Row 3: Inc, 3T (3 squares)
→ Row 4: Inc, 4T (4 squares)
← Row 5: Inc, 2T, P, 2T (5 squares)
→ Row 6: Inc, 2T, 2P, 2T (6 squares)
← Row 7: Inc, 2T, 3P, 2T (7 squares)
→ Row 8: Inc, 2T, 3P, G, 2T (8 squares)
← Row 9: Inc, 2T, 2G, 3P, 2T (9 squares)
→ Row 10: Inc, 2T, 3P, 2G, Y, 2T (10 squares)
← Row 11: Inc, 2T, 2Y, 2G, 3P, 2T (11 squares)
→ Row 12: Inc, 2T, 3P, 2G, 3Y, 2T (12 squares)
← Row 13: Inc, 2T, 4Y, 2G, 3P, 2T (13 squares)

Corner: Start decreasing on even numbered rows.
→ Row 14: Dec, 2T, 2P, 2G, 5Y, 2T (13 squares)
← Row 15: Inc, 2T, 6Y, 2G, P, 2T (13 squares)
→ Row 16: Dec, 2T, 2G, 7Y, 2T (13 squares)

← Row 17: Inc, 2T, 8Y, G, 2T (13 squares)
→ Row 18: Dec, 2T, 9Y, 2T (13 squares)
← Row 19: Inc, 2T, 9Y, 2T (13 squares)
→ Row 20: Dec, 2T, 9Y, 2T (13 squares)
← Row 21: Inc, 2T, 9Y, 2T (13 squares)
→ Row 22: Dec, 2T, 9Y, 2T (13 squares)
← Row 23: Inc, 2T, 9Y, 2T (13 squares)
→ Row 24: Dec, 2T, 8Y, Tan, 2T (13 squares)
← Row 25: Inc, 3T, Tan, 7Y, 2T (13 squares)
→ Row 26: Dec, 2T, 6Y, 2Tan, 3T (13 squares)
← Row 27: Inc, 4T, 2Tan, 5Y, 2T (13 squares)
→ Row 28: Dec, 2T, 4Y, 3Tan, 4T (13 squares)
Corner: Start decreasing on all rows.
← Row 29: Dec, 4T, 3Tan, 3Y, 2T (12 squares)
→ Row 30: Dec, 2T, 2Y, 3Tan, B, 3T (11 squares)
← Row 31: Dec, 3T, B, 3Tan, Y, 2T (10 squares)
→ Row 32: Dec, 2T, 3Tan, 2B, 2T (9 squares)
← Row 33: Dec, 8T (8 squares)
→ Row 34: Dec, 7T (7 squares)
← Row 35: Dec, 6T (6 squares)
→ Row 36: Dec, 5T (5 squares)
← Row 37: Dec, 4T (4 squares)
→ Row 38: Dec, 3T (3 squares)
← Row 39: Dec, 2T (2 squares)
→ Row 40: Dec, T (1 square)

You can fasten off here if you do not want to add a border to the rectangle.

Single Crochet Border (optional)

The C2C stitch is a beautiful stitch but it can leave a rather unfinished looking edge. In order to make the work more finished or make it easier to work a decorative border into the edge of the C2C project, I recommend adding a Single Crochet Border First.

Working around the edge of a C2C project does not need to be tricky you just need to know the four different areas you will be working into and how many stitches to work into them. 

Below I have laid out a diagram to show you how I Single Crochet around C2C.

You will be working a Single Crochet into the top and bottom of every Double Crochet Stitch.

(This is shown on the left image)

You will work 2 Single Crochet into every turning chain and into the side of the Double Crochet.

(This is shown on the right image.)

how to corner to corner crochet

When you Single Crochet around the edge of your work you will slip stitch to any stitch on the edge, Chain 1, and start working along the edge using the guides above.

When you reach a corner, Chain 1 and continue along the next side. Chain at every corner as shown above. Slip Stitch to the first Single Crochet you worked along the edge to complete the border.

Embroidering and Finishing Your Banner

To make your banner unique, consider embroidering the teacher’s name or the grade onto the pencil. You can embroider using a straight stitch. I recommend writing the name out on a piece of paper to help you gauge the height and width of each letter before trying to embroider them into your piece.

Your block stitches basically provide you with a grid that can help you center your letters and keep them straight. I also recommend inserting your needle in the center of your double crochet stitches and not between stitches. This will give you more control over your embroidery. My letters were 2 blocks tall on the full name example and 4 blocks tall on the banner with just the teacher’s initial. The back of your work will be a little messy with the stitches. If this is a problem for you, then I would glue a piece of felt on the back of the banner.

One more tip! For curved letters, I made the letters really angular then gently pulled on the yarn to give it a slightly curved look.

crochet pencil banner

The last thing you will need to do is whip-stitch the banner to a piece of dowel rod. Tie a string to both sides of the dowel to give you something to hang the banner up with.

attached to banner

Now your C2C Crochet Pencil Banner is complete and ready to be gifted. This project works up quickly and makes a great gift.

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crochet pencil banner free crochet pattern
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