Positive Pom Pom Pillow Free Crochet Pattern

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The Positive Pom Pom Pillow is a bright and colorful reminder that anything is doable with a positive attitude. I had so much fun creating this pillow crochet pattern. I wanted this pillow to have all the bells and whistles, instead it ended up with X’s and Pom Poms. But hey, what’s more positive than pom poms?

I used this pillow as a chance to try out Red Hearts new Super Saver Ombré. This yarn is beautiful and transitions seamlessly! It made a great background for my Good Vibes cross stitch design.

For the cross stitch itself I used Super Saver Stripes in the Candy Stripe. I just separated the stripes into individual colors. It took two sections of the pink and three sections of the green to make the words.

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For the cross stitch itself I used Super Saver Stripes in the Candy Stripe. I just separated the stripes into individual colors. It took two sections of the pink and three sections of the green to make the words. Cross stitching over crochet is easy to do as long as you know where the corners of your X’s should be. I have a photo explaining this and a quick little video as well!

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To top this pillow off I used Red Heart’s Pompadoodle yarn to add a fun pom pom Border! This yarn is easy to work with and so much easier then attaching all the pom poms individually. Pom poms on pillows have been very popular recently and add a fun and festive look to this pom pom pillow. I have included a quick video tutorial to show you how I attached this yarn.


1 Skein Red Heart Super Saver Ombre Yarn, 10 oz, Anthracite

1 Skein Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, Candy Stripe

1 Skein Red Heart Pomp-A-Doodle Yarn, Quirky

Clover Amour Crochet Hook, Size H, 5.0mm

Pillow form size 18″x18″

Yarn Needle


Stitches and Abbreviations

Ch – Chain

Sc – Single Crochet

Dc – Double Crochet

Slst – Slip Stitch

R – Row


Gauge and Dimensions

10 double crochet = 3″

5 rows of double crochet = 3″

The pillow base measures 18 inches by 17.5 inches tall.

The Positive pom pom pillow is a easy and fun crochet project that uses cross stitch and red heart's pompadoodle yarn to create a fun and festive crochet pattern. This free crochet pattern is great for beginners because it uses very basic stitches to create a creative pillow. #crochetpattern #freecrochet #crochetpillow #pillow #homedecor

Positive Pom Pom Pillow Pattern

Pillow Base – Make Two

Using a Size H hook or the hook to meet gauge.

Ch 64

R1: Dc in the third Ch from the hook and in every Ch across. (62 Dc)

R2-29: Ch2, turn. Dc in each stitch across. (62 Dc)

Fasten off after the last two and weave in all your ends. This is the best time to cross stitch a design into one or both sides of your pillow.

Cross Stitch Design

You can use the chart provided or find another fun design to cross stitch to your pillow.

When cross stitching over the double crochet stitch, you will use two double crochet to create a single X. This pillow has a enough stitches to create a 31 wide x 29 tall cross stitch chart.

how to cross stitch on crochet, crochet pom pom pillow pattern

To create an X you will be going into the hole created at the very bottom of your double crochet stitch, This is where a double crochet connects to the previous stitch. I have placed four teal dots on the picture below to show you where your 4 points of your X will go. 

Use this Chart if you want to create the same design I have on my pom pom pillow. Click here for the printable version.

The Positive pom pom pillow is a easy and fun crochet project that uses cross stitch and red heart's pompadoodle yarn to create a fun and festive crochet pattern.
Connecting the Front and Back

Once you are finished working your cross stitch design you will line up your pillow sides. Starting at a corner and working through both the front and the back layers of the pillow, sc around the edge of the pillow. Place one sc in the top or bottom of each stitch and two sc in the side of each stitch.

Sc around three sides of the pillow, stuff with the pillow form and sc around the last side. Once you reach your first sc, fasten off and weave in your ends.

Pom Pom Pillow Border

Now we will add a pom pom border by using the Pompadoodle yarn by Red Heart. Start by cutting off the first pom pom, this will leave us a long tail to tie off and weave in. Using your hook, insert the hook into any stitch going from the back to the front of your pillow, yarn over the hook right after the first pom pom and pull the loop through the stitch. Pull until the first pom pom is securely against your pillow face.

Insert the hook into the next stitch and pull up a loop. This loop will be from the yarn in-between the first and second pom pom. Now you have two loops on your hook. Pull the first loop through the second to create a slip stitch. Insert your hook through the next stitch and pull up another loop still between the firs and second pom and create another slip stitch.

Make one more slip stitch but this next loop will be pulled up from between the second and third pom.

So to sum up, you will use a slip stitch to attach a pom pom, then do two slip stitches using the yarn between the pom pom, then attach a pom pom with a slip stitch. Rinse and repeat.

Continue this around the corners with no change. Once you reach the beginning, cut the yarn with yarn left behind the last pom to tie together with your beginning yarn and tuck into your pillow. Your pillow is complete!

I created a quick video in case anyone needed a visual aid for making the Pom Pom Pillow border.

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