Beginner Crochet Cocoon Cardigan Pattern

If you are a beginner crocheter, you probably don’t think you can make a garment. But you can make this crochet cocoon cardigan. It is made from a rectangle with chunky yarn. It works up surprisingly fast and is super comfortable.

Below you will find the complete pattern and instructional photos for this crochet cocoon cardigan pattern. You will also find all the materials, stitches, gauge, and sizing information.

The Beginner-Friendly Crochet Cocoon Cardigan

While working on my “How to Crochet” series, I wanted to provide several beginner-friendly patterns to help new crocheters practice. I also really wanted to show beginners that they can make a garment even as a beginner.

This crochet cocoon cardigan is made from a simple rectangle. You will sew two short seams and turn your rectangle into a cardigan. It is really that easy. Make sure to read the information below to learn how to custom fit this cardigan.

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This free crochet pattern is perfect for beginners. This oversized crochet cocoon cardigan is super cozy made of velvet yarn.

Velvet Yarn and Yarn Substitutions

So I have a confession, I am in love with Bernat Velvet yarn, but it isn’t the most beginner friendly. This is because of its super plushy look, tends to hide where you want to insert your hook. If you are willing to work with it a bit I think it will be worth your while, as this yarn makes the most luxurious cardigan.

I just love how soft the velvet yarn is. It is amazing to wear and crochet with. But I will mention on little con of this yarn. This yarn does not have any stretch, which is fine, but because of this, snags in the finished crochet garment are a bit difficult to work back into the piece. My two year old attacked my cardigan with my hook and I have a handful of snags. Regardless of the blemishes, this cardigan and yarn are still one of my favorites.

If the velvet yarn intimidates you and you want an easier yarn to work with, consider using Red Heart Hygge and Red Heart With Love Chunky. Truthfully, any size 5 yarn will work for this project.

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This free crochet pattern is perfect for beginners. This oversized crochet cocoon cardigan is super cozy made of velvet yarn.
I did not gather the headband for my son.

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Beginner Crochet Cocoon Cardigan Pattern

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Materials Needed

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945 yards (31.5 oz) of Bernat Velvet Yarn (3 Skeins) (Size 5 Yarn)
Color Pictured is Teal
Size 7mm Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle
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Stitches and Abbreviations

CH – Chain
DC – Double Crochet
ST(s) – Stitch(es)

Gauge and Size

Gauge: 6 DC X 4 Rows = 3 inches

Important Note about Sizing

The instructions below give you a “one size fits most” cardigan. It is designed to be an oversized cardigan. But if you would like to customize the size then follow the instructions below.

  1. Measure the length from wrist to wrist.
  2. Chain until you are 2 inches past your measurement above. This will be your starting chain.
  3. Measure from the back of your neck to right below your rear.
  4. Work Row 1 and double crochet into every chain across.
  5. Work and repeat row two until the height of your rectangle reaches the second measurement you took.
  6. Fasten off and follow the sewing instructions.

This will give you an over-sized cardigan but not too over-sized.

Crochet Cocoon Cardigan Video Tutorial

Coming soon.

Beginner Crochet Cocoon Cardigan Pattern

-Written in US terms.
– I do not count my CH2, turning chain as a stitch.
– Please make sure to read the sizing note above.

CH 130

Row 1: DC in the 3rd CH from the Hook. DC in each CH across. (128 or two less than your starting chain)

Row 2 – 58: CH2, turn, DC in each ST across.

Work 58 rows or however many rows needed to meet the measurement described in the sizing notes. Fasten off and weave in your ends.

Sewing your Cocoon Cardigan Together

At this point you will have a large rectangle. You may even be tempted to leave it as it is and make it a throw blanket. But if you want you can sew up the rectangle and make it a wearable blanket.

Step 1: Lay your rectangle flat like the picture below. The pink lines on the photos indicate the areas that will be sewn together.

This free crochet pattern is perfect for beginners. This oversized crochet cocoon cardigan is super cozy made of velvet yarn.

Step 2: Fold the top two corner down until the reach the center of your rectangle and fold the bottom two corner up to meet the top corners. At this point the areas the pink lines represent should be touching each other.

Step 3: Using a whip stitch, sew the edges together where indicated above with the pink line. This will create the sleeves of your cardigan.

When I wear my crochet cocoon cardigan, I like to fold the top edge back a few inches. Now your cardigan is complete and ready to be snuggled up in.

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