Is Darn Good Yarn Subscription Box Right for You

Darn Good Yarn is a very unique and very affordable Yarn Subscription Box. At only $10 plus shipping it is probably the least expensive option on the market. But before you go sign up let’s take a look at all the wonderful features The Darn Good Yarn Subscription box has to offer and find out if Darn Good Yarn is the right subscription box for you?

If you are not sure if yarn subscription boxes are right for you, check out my post where I review all the factors that will determine if you we love receiving a yarn subscription box. 

Is a yarn subscription box right for you?

Once you have determined that you are the perfect candidate for a yarn subscription box, it is time to find out which box is right for you. I have done the research and have the results so you know what to expect from the Darn Good Yarn Subscription Box.

In this post, we will look at

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  • The Company
  • The Yarn
  • The Patterns
  • The Extras

I have also included two unboxing videos to see what I have received in my first two boxes.

The Darn Good Yarn Subscription Box

Please note that Darn Good Yarn sent me one Month’s Box for free. I then subscribed and recieved the Month 1 box again and an additional months box.

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The Company

Darn Good Yarn is an amazing yarn company that works with a co-op to employ artisans in India. In India they obtain sari silk that is destined for the landfill. They then recycle this silk into beautiful yarns. 

This is a company that helps families put food on the table and keeps good usable fabric out of the landfill. With this yarn subscription box you can always expect to receive yarn Darn Good brand of yarn.

Darn good Yarn

The Yarn in the Darn Good Yarn Subscription Box

One of the things I love about the Darn Good Yarn’s Subscription Box is that it only include 100% recycled silk. This means, someone with a wool allergy can still enjoy this subscription box. 

You can expect to recieve anything from lace to bulky yarn in your box. All most all boxes come with 50g of yarn. The yardage included will vary based on the weight of the yarn. 

After reviewing several months of subscription boxes on Instagram, it is pretty clear that the people at Darn Good Yarn love bright colors and you can expect to receive brightly colored yarn. 

All the yarn I received was very silky soft, but since it is a recycled yarn it had a very handmade, rustic, natural appearance to it. I feel this yarn will be perfect for a bohemian styled project and plan to design something that will really compliment the natural appearance of this yarn.

Darn good Yarn

The Patterns

In you box you will recieve a beautifully printed book that tells you more about the yarn you recieved as well as give you a photo of the yarn being made. You will also get a knit and crochet pattern to use with the yarn. 

These patterns are very well written and are very beginner friendly. That said, a more experienced crafter may choose to find an alternative pattern for this yarn. 

This is were the private Facebook group for Darn Good Yarn Subscribers can really help. There you can find inspiration by seeing what others did with they yarn they received.

Darn good yarn


For only being $10 a month, the Darn Good Yarn Subscription Box includes a small extra gift in every box. Over the past few months these gifts have included, tassles, a hook pouch, buttons, bells, and a hook and needle.

Your First Box

When you first subscribe to Darn Good Yarn, they will send you a special Month 1 box. This means what I recieved in my Month 1 box you will also receive in yours. 

The first month that you subscribe you also have the option to add an extra gift for $5. I recommend it as it will give you a really good feel for the recycled yarn.

I was very pleased with my first box. The hooks and needles are a nice gift, but I still prefer the use the hooks I already have.

You can watch this video to see the yarn, gift, and patterns I recieved in my first box.

My Second Month Box

I did not want to base my opinions on only the Month 1 box, so I subscribed for 2 months and received an additional Month 1 box as well as the following months box.

A few things to note. When I recieved the second months box, Darn Good Yarn had a supply shortage and the box was just a bit late getting to me. Darn Good Yarn contacted me immediately to let me know it would be late and sent me an extra gift (extra skein of yarn) in my box. 

I was very impressed with their consideration and customer service.

Watch the video below to see what I recieved in my second month’s box. 

Darn Good Yarn Subscription Box Price

Now price is very important and since this is the most affordable Yarn Subscription Box I have come across, the big question is: Are you getting the value for the money spent?

With this box it is a BIG yes. It is very easy to tell as they often leave the price tag on each item they send you. Let’s do the math just for fun though.

Month 1 – Yarn ($12) + Hooks and Needle Set ($20) + Patterns ($5) = $37

I counted the pattern as $5, the average price of a premium pattern, and only counted it for one pattern because most people will only be able to use one pattern. 

Month 2 – Yarn ($12) + Hook Pouch ($9) + Pattern ($5) = $26

So it is clear you are getting a great value with this box. 

Still not sure?

A lot will boil down to if you love the yarn they send. The yarn is high quality silk, but the natural look and bright colors is not for everyone.

If you are on the fence I suggest subscribing for just a month and get the yarn in your hands to see if it is right for you. If you are not in love with it, you can simple unsubscribe at any time. 

If Darn Good Yarn is not right for you check out my Is Yarn Subscription Boxes Right for You post  for links to other subscription box reviews, or my Subscription Box Alternative.

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