Crochet Sensory Baby Blanket

Spring colors, fun textures and a pat work quilt design – the Crochet Sensory Baby Blanket has it all. But don’t let the word Baby stifle your imagination. This blanket would make a wonderful lapghan for anyone. 

As I sat with this finished blanket on my lap (watching Dr. Who), I stroked the different textures. This blanket will be great for anyone who tends to need something to fidget with. This blanket will most likely be used as my daughter’s play mat. 

The Crochet Sensory Baby Blanket is a final project from the March Texture Madness Crochet A Long. During the Crochet A Long we learned 9 crochet stitches and had the chance to make small, medium or large sample swatches.

The Medium sample swatches we turned into the Crochet Baby Sensory Book, the small samples were used to make the Sensory Block, and the largest sample sizes are used for this blanket. 

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Below you will find links to all the crochet stitch tutorials that are used to make the squares of the blanket. Each tutorial post has a video tutorial as well as the written pattern for the sample swatches. For the blanket you will need to make the large 12 inch sample swatches. 

This crochet sensory block is a great toy for babies and toddlers. Learn to make one with this free crochet tutorial. #crochetforbaby #crochetbabytoy
Learn how to crochet the alpine stitch with this photo and video tutorial. Video tutorial includes right and left handed instructions. This crochet stitch is also know as the ripple stitch, raised ripple stitch, aspen stitch, and alternating Front Post and Double Crochet stitch. #crochetstitch #Stitchtutorial
Crochet a beautiful crochet sensory book using sample swatches of different crochet textures. This is a fun project that lets you learn new crochet stitches and you end up with a family heirloom for your children. This free crochet pattern helps you make the book cover and there are links to all the crochet stitch tutorials I used for the center pages. This sensory book makes a wonderful gift for any baby or toddler. #crochetpattern #crochetforbabies

Crochet Sensory Baby Blanket Materials

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28 oz or 1440 yds of Worsted Weight Yarn in Multiple Colors

Yarn Needle


Plastic Canvas cut into 6 4.5″x4.5″ squares. (Optional)

Polyfil or something to stuff the Block

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Stitches and Abbreviations

This blanket uses the large sample swatches made during the March Texture Madness Crochet A Long. Refer to those Tutorials for Stitches and Abbreviations. All posts linked below.

Crochet Sensory Blanket Dimensions

Finished blanket will measure 38″ x 38″ with using 9 squares of texture. 

Use this collection of crochet stitch tutorials to make this crochet sensory baby blanket. This blanket makes a great gift and is so fun to create with all the beautiful textured crochet stitch squares. #crochetblanket #crochetbabyblanket

Blanket Squares (make 9)

Use the patterns for the large sample sizes in the links below to create a total of 9 squares. You can make each side a different stitch, or make a few of your favorite stitches. It is completely up to you. You can also make more squares to make a larger blanket.

The Waffle Stitch Tutorial

The Alpine Stitch Tutorial

The Single Rib Stitch Tutorial

The Yarn Over Slip Stitch Ribbing Tutorial

The Loop Stitch Tutorial

The Chain Cables Stitch Tutorial

The Mini Berry Stitch Tutorial

The Bead Stitch Tutorial

The Bean Stitch Tutorial

Use this collection of crochet stitch tutorials to make this crochet sensory baby blanket. This blanket makes a great gift and is so fun to create with all the beautiful textured crochet stitch squares. #crochetblanket #crochetbabyblanket

Sewing your Blanket Together

Before sewing the blanket together it is a good idea to block each side so that it is approximately 12.5″x 12.5″.

Lay your squares out on a table or floor and place them in a 3×3 grid. Rearrange them until you like the order they are in. Sew the blocks together using a invisible stitch or whip stitch. If you are unfamiliar with sewing crochet pieces together check out the sewing video below.

Video Tutorial

Be aware that the number of stitches around the edge of each square may not be exactly the same, simply sew them together by lining up the top and bottom of each square and do not try to line up the stitches.

Single Crochet Border 

To smooth out the edges and add some consistency to the project I added a Single Crochet Border around the edge of the blanket. This is very easy to do if you have been adding Single Crochet borders around every inner square.

 Slst to any corner, Ch1, *working down the side of the rows, Sc into each st until you reach the Ch1 space at the corner,(Sc, Ch1, Sc) in the Ch1 space in the corner* repeat from *to* a total of 4 times. Slst to your first Sc and fasten off.

Weave in all your ends and you blanket is complete. I love the patchwork quilt-like look of this blanket.

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Use this collection of crochet stitch tutorials to make this crochet sensory baby blanket. This blanket makes a great gift and is so fun to create with all the beautiful textured crochet stitch squares. #crochetblanket #crochetbabyblanket
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