Cactus C2C Crochet Graph

A cactus C2C Crochet Graph is the perfect project for this time of year. Summer is hot and a quick crochet project is just what you need to have fun and stay cool. This cactus c2c crochet graph is our September corner to corner crochet graph. These graphs can be used to make washcloths or doubled up for a pot holder.

Crochet a quick and easy Cactus C2C Crochet graph. It makes a perfect washcloth or double it up for a pot holder. Free pattern by Winding Road Crochet. #crochet #c2ccrochet #c2c #crochetwashcloth #crochetpotholder

This graph is one of 12 small corner to corner crochet graphs. I am releasing one every month in 2019. Below you can see January through Mays graph. Make sure to swing back by here for the October graph.

Check out the other Monthly Graphs that have been released. Plus more C2C Graphs Here.

Crochet a quick and easy Cactus C2C Crochet graph. It makes a perfect washcloth or double it up for a pot holder. Free pattern by Winding Road Crochet. #crochet #c2ccrochet #c2c #crochetwashcloth #crochetpotholder
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Lucky Clover – May Flowers

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Cactus C2C Crochet Graph Materials

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87 yd of Red Heart Scrubby Smoothie, Caribbean Yarn 
23 yd    Red Heart Scrubby Smoothie, Cherry Yarn
22 yd Red Heart Scrubby Smoothie, Brite Orange Yarn
37 yards of Red Heart Scrubby Smoothie, Lime 
Crochet Hook, Size G, 4.0mm 
Yarn Needle
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Using the C2C Stitch
3 Squares x 3 Sqaures = 2 inches x 2 inches

Finished Size

9 1/2 inches x 9 1/2 inches

Crochet a quick and easy Cactus C2C Crochet graph. It makes a perfect washcloth or double it up for a pot holder. Free pattern by Winding Road Crochet. #crochet #c2ccrochet #c2c #crochetwashcloth #crochetpotholder

Cactus C2C Crochet Graph – Written Graph

Click here to open the Cactus C2C Crochet Graph

How to Read this pattern – Ex. R6: 3B, 2R, B = 3 Blue Squares, 2 Brown Squares, 1 Blue Square.

B= Blue, O = Orange, G = Green, R = Red

R1: Inc, B

R2: Inc,  2B

R3: Inc, 3B

R4: Inc, 4B

R5: Inc, O, 4B

R6: Inc, 4B, R, O

R7: Inc, O, R, O, R, 3B

R8: Inc, 3B, 2R, O, R, O

R9: Inc, O, R, O, 2R, 4B

R10: Inc, 2B, 2G, B, 2R, O, R, O,

R11: Inc, O, R, O, 2R, 4G, 2B

R12: Inc, 2B, 5G, 2R, O , R, B

R13: Inc, 2B, O, 2R, 3G, B, R, 3B

R14: Inc, 5B, 4G, 2R, 3B

R15: Inc, 3B, 2R, 5G, 5B

R16: Dec, 4B, 5G, B, R, 3B

R17: Dec, 5B, 5G, 3B

R18: Dec, 2B, 2R, 4G, 4B

R19: Dec, 3B, 5G, R, 2B

R20: Dec, B, 2R, 2G, B, G, 3B

R21: Dec, 2B. 2G, B, 3G, B

R22: Dec, B, 2G, B, 2G, 2B

R23: Dec, 2B, G, 4B

R24: Dec, 3B, R, 2B

R25: Dec, 5B

R26: Dec, 4B

R27: Dec, 3B

R28: Dec, 2B

R29: Dec, B

Finishing Up the Cactus C2C Crochet Graph

To finish this graph and make it into a washcloth I just single crocheted around the edge. If you don’t know how to add a single crochet border, you can check out my video tutorial or my photo tutorial.

For the washcloth I added the border and wove in my ends and it was done. For the Pot Holder, I made a plain 15×15 C2C square, Single Crocheted a border to that square and the square using the graph and used a running stitch to sew the two together. You can learn more about Sewing Crochet Pieces Together with my video tutorial.

Now you have an adorable new addition to you kitchen!

Are you going to make a Cactus C2C Crochet Graph Potholder? I would really like to see your finished piece, take a picture and share it with me on any social media! Just tag me @windingroadcrochet, #windingroadcrochet, or #ourcrochetjourney. Join my Facebook Group and share your creation with the community at Our Crochet Journey Facebook Group!

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