Sweet Heart Sweater Free Crochet Pattern

The Sweet Heart Sweater is perfect to keep you warm in the winter evenings. Throw this on, grab a good book and a cup of cocoa and you are good to go.

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Below you will find the complete pattern and instructional photos for this crochet sweater. You will also find all the materials, stitches, gauge, and sizing information. If you would like all of this in a nicely formatted printable format, you can purchase the Ad-Free Large Print PDF Pattern.

The Sweet Heart Sweater works up surprisingly quickly by using a big hook and a thick yarn. You work the sweater as four rectangle pieces and then sew them together into a beautiful sweater.

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Learn how to crochet this unique texture v-neck crochet sweater. This sweater is made by crocheting four rectangles and sewing them together. By alternate different stitches we are able to make a rib looking edge.

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This crochet sweater has so many beautiful details! From the hip slits, to the v-neck to the ribbing along the sleeves. I haven’t even mentioned the beautiful texture for the body of the sweater! It really has everything you would want in a sweater.


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I chose Red Heart’s Hygge yarn for this project. This yarn is very soft and has a slight furry effect. It is perfect for a fun cozy sweater.

Sweet Heart Sweater Materials

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3-5 Skeins of Red Heart Hygge Yarn, 8oz, Powder (For Size Large) (24ozs)

3 Skeins – Size XS, Small

3-4 Skeins – Size Medium and Large

4-5 Skeins – XLarge

5 Skeins – XXLarge

Crochet Hook, Size M/N/9.0mm

Yarn Needle



Stitches and Abbreviations

Below are the Stitches and Abbreviations you will need to know for this pattern. In order to make the Rib look at the bottom of the sweater and sleeves, you will need to know the Yarn Over Slip Stitch and how to Crochet in the Third loop.

I have provide links to my video tutorials below for these stitches.

Ch – Chain

Sc – Single Crochet

Hdc – Half Double Crochet

Dc – Double Crochet

Skst – Skip Stitch

BLO – Back Loop Only

Hdc in the third loop – Half Double Crochet in the Third Loop – Video Tutorial

YOSLST –  Yarn Over Slip Stitch – Video Tutorial


6 stitches and 5 rows = 3″

Sizes and Adjustments

This pattern is simple to adjust. If you would like to adjust the starting chain of either the body or the sleeves, just add or subtract chains in multiples of two.

The only thing that will differ between sizes is the starting chain and the number of rows you work.

You will want the widest part of your body to match or be smaller than the hip measurement.

The Sleeve length given is for a 3/4 sleeve.

Learn how to crochet this unique oversized texture v-neck crochet sweater. This sweater is made by crocheting four simple rectangles and sewing them together. By alternate different stitches we are able to make a rib looking edge. This is a beautiful women chunky crochet sweater. Enjoy the free crochet pattern. Sizes X-Small through XX-large.

Sweet Heart Sweater Pattern


  • I do not count my turning chain as a stitch.
  • I Ch 1 at the beginning of the row because the Hdc in the third loop has the height of a Sc.
  • You will be working Hdc in the third loop in the first 8 stitches and last 8 stitches starting with Row 2. Using a Stitch marker to mark where you start and finish the Hdcs helps.
  • I have written the pattern in away that it can be used for all sizes, only the starting chain and row count will vary.


Make 2

X-Small – Ch 98

Small – 102

Medium – Ch 106

Large – Ch 110

X-Large – Ch 114

XX- Large Ch 118

R1: Hdc in the third Ch from the hook and in every Ch across.

R2: Ch1, turn, work 1 Hdc in the third loop in the first 8 stitches, *[Sc,Dc] in the next stitch, skip a stitch* repeat from *to* across, stop repeating when only 8 stitches remain. Work 1 Hdc in the third loop, in each of the last 8 stitches.

Repeat row 2 until you have the correct number of rows for the size you are making

X-Small – Work a total of 16 rows for the body section.

Small – Work a total of 17 rows for the body section.

Medium – Work a total of 18 rows for the body section.

Large – Work a total of 20 rows for the body section.

X-Large – Work a total of 22 rows for the body section.

XX-Large – Work a total of 25 rows for the body section.

Feel free to add extra rows, if you would like a looser fitting sweater.


Make 2

X-Small – Ch 22

Small – 24

Medium – Ch 26

Large – Ch 28

X-Large – Ch 30

XX- Large Ch 32

R1: YOSLT in the second and in the next 11 ch, *[Sc, Dc] in the next ch, skip the next ch* repeat from *to* until you have 1 ch left. Sc in the last ch.

R2: Ch 1, turn, Sc in the first stitch, *[Sc, Dc] in the next ch, skip the next ch* repeat from *to* until you have 12 stitches remaining, YOSLT in the BLO in the last 12 stitches.

R3: Ch1, turn, YOSLT in the BLO in the first 12 stitches, *[Sc, Dc] in the next st, skip the next st* repeat from *to* until you have 1 st left. Sc in the last st.

Continue to repeat Rows 2 and 3 until you have the number of rows listed below for the size crochet sweater you are making.

X-Small – Work a total of 22 rows for the sleeve.

Small – Work a total of 24 rows for the sleeve.

Medium – Work a total of 26 rows for the sleeve.

Large – Work a total of 28 rows for the sleeve.

X-Large – Work a total of 31 rows for the sleeve.

XX-Large – Work a total of 34 rows for the sleeve.

Feel free to add extra rows as need if you want a looser fitting sleeve.

Sewing your Sweater together

For sewing your sweater together I recommend using the blanket or invisible stitch for the front and back seams. I have created a video tutorial if you are unfamiliar with these stitches.

To sew the pieces together you will first need to lay the two body pieces next to each other like the diagram below. Find the very center of the two long sweater body pieces and line that up with the center of the sleeves.

Now from the center line, measure down 8 inches for X-small and Small, 9 inches for Medium and Large or 10 inches for X-Large and XX-Large. You will also measure up the small distance from that line.

From the points you measured to and the rest of the way down the center seam you will sew these two pieces together. This measurement is just a guideline. You can always sew it up further if this is too deep of a v-neck.

Sew where the blue lines are on the diagram.

Once these seams are sewn, fold the sweater along the center line, so that it looks like the diagram below.

Now sew the seams on the side of the body and the underside of the arm. I did not sew the ribbed section of my sweater near the hip. I think the slit there looks very flattering.

And there you have it! Your Sweet Heart Sweater is complete. I would love to know what you think of the pattern. Let me know in the comments below.

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