Happy Sunflower Crochet Pattern

The Happy Flower Project has started to gain some momentum and I am thrilled to feed that fire with a new sunflower crochet pattern. This flower can be worked in two color and made to look like a sunflower or it can be made in several colors for a fun festive look.

Keep an eye out for more fun flower patterns from Crochet 365 Knit Too, Stitching Together and Love Life Yarn. I will link them here as they come out or you can check out the 28 flower round up and learn more about the happy flower project in here.

Quick sunflower crochet pattern. Free crochet pattern and video tutorial by Winding Road Crochet. #crochetflower #flower #sunflower #crochetpattern

What is the Happy Flower Project?

To summarize the Happy Flower Project is similar to the painted stones some people will leave to be found by others. As crocheters we are trying to spread joy and positivity in the world by leaving cute little crocheted flowers with a tag on them that says, “Feel free to take me home. I hope this made you smile.”

I think hand written tags make this act of kindness even more special. If you are like me, though, and have terrible hand writing or you are strapped for time, you can find a printable set of tags on my Printable Resource Page. This is a page available only to newsletter subscribers.

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Quick sunflower crochet pattern. Free crochet pattern and video tutorial by Winding Road Crochet. #crochetflower #flower #sunflower #crochetpattern

About this Sun Flower Crochet Pattern

You will see that I used cotton worsted weight yarn for this pattern. Any worsted weight yarn will work wonderfully. It can be cotton, acrylic or even wool. These flower if made for the above mentioned project are a great way to use up scraps of yarn. This flower can be made with 2, 3 or even 4 colors of yarn.

You will notice the pattern is very flexible. You can use the recommended G hook or go a size larger with an H hook. Both work quite well. I even provide a video tutorial to help beginners through the pattern. Let’s grab our hooks are start making some flowers.

Happy Sunflower Crochet Pattern


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1-2 oz of Worsted Weight Yarn (2-4 different colors)
Crochet Hook, Size G, 4.0mm 
Yarn Needle
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Stitches and Abbreviations

MC- Magic Circle
Ch- Chain
Sc- Single Crochet
Dc- Double Crochet
Slst- Slip Stitch
Dc3Tog – Double Crochet 3 Together (Watch video tutorial to learn this Stitch)
St(s)- Stitch(es)

Gauge and Size

In this pattern gauge really isn’t important. My finished flowers were roughly 4 inches wide.

Quick sunflower crochet pattern. Free crochet pattern and video tutorial by Winding Road Crochet. #crochetflower #flower #sunflower #crochetpattern

Happy Sunflower Pattern

-Pattern is written in US terms.
-I do not count my turning Chain as a Stitch
-In Row 4 when you slip stitch you will be slip stitching to the stitch in Row 2.

R1: Work 12 Dc into a MC. Slst to first St. (12)

R2: Ch2, Work 2 Dc into each of the next 12 Sts. Slst to the first St. (24)

R3: Ch2, *Slst to next St, Ch3, Dc3Tog over the next 3 Sts, Ch3,* repeat from *to* a total of 6 times. Slst to first Slst. (6 petals created)

R4: Ch1, *Slst to the next St, Work 3 Sc into the Ch3 space, Sc into next St. Ch3, Slst to the 3rd Ch from the hook, Work 3 Sc into the Ch3 space.* repeat from *to* a total of 6 times. Slst to the first Slst. Fasten off and Weave in your ends.

I confess that Row 4 can seem a bit tricky. If you are having any trouble check out the video tutorial below.

Sunflower Crochet Pattern Video Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this crochet pattern and will consider spreading a few around your community and be apart of the Happy Flower Project.

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