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January is finally here and that means it is time for another Crochet A Long! This year I wanted to create something both easy and unique. Follow along with this Crochet A Long to learn how to create a Crochet Painting!

You may call it a Crochet Painting, Crochet Art or a Crochet Tapestry. I am not sure there is an official term for this type of project. Though many pieces of crochet art are made with free form crochet, I have created a version that uses basic stitches and a simple process to create a masterpiece.

Below you will find an overview of what you can expect during this Crochet A Long and a schedule so you what is happening and when. The easiest way to follow along is to sign up for my email newsletter. You can also follow me on Facebook and join the Facebook Group to see other’s masterpieces as they come together.

What is a Crochet A Long?

A crochet along is an event where a pattern is released in parts over a series of weeks. I like to go a step further by not just releasing parts of a pattern but teaching a new technique with each part. There will be video tutorials to help you learn each new technique.

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In this crochet-along, you will have the choice to either make an 11″x 14″ flower pot painting or a cactus painting. I will provide the complete patterns for both paintings over the course of 4-5 weeks, but I will also be teaching you the techniques used for these patterns so that you will be able to customize the paintings.

The techniques we will learn include: how to crochet from a graph, how to make an applique using only single crochet, how to adjust appliques so that they are the right size for your painting, and how to embroider on crochet.
graph crochet, single crochet appliques, adjusting appliques, embroidering on crochet.

The Skills You Will Need

I really wanted to keep this crochet painting as simple as possible. you will need to know the basic crochet skills listed below.

– Chain
– Single Crochet
– Half Double Crochet
– Double Crochet
– Slip Stitch
– Skip Stitch
– How to Increase and Decrease
– How to Change Colors

I will show you how to increase, decrease and change colors in the video tutorials. The hardest part of this CAL is probably the Sunflower applique, but I have some beginner-friendly alternatives if needed.

The more people that participate the more fun the project will be. Make sure to share the CAL on Facebook and Pinterest!

Crochet A Long with us as we learn the skills to create a beautiful crochet painting. #CAL #Crochetalong #crochetpainting

Crochet Painting Schedule

Week 0 – Materials

Scroll down to find a list of materials that I used for the Crochet Paintings. I can tell you that the whole project was done in worsted weight size 4 yarn with a size H 5mm hook. Your hook size may vary to meet the gauge.

Week 1 – Background

In the first week, we will be focusing on the background of the painting. You will have the choice to make a plain or ombre background, or you can make a background using a crochet graph. I will provide the crochet graph that I used for the cactus painting, but I will also show you how to create your own graph using Stitch Fiddle.

Week 2 – Single Crochet Appliques

Have you seen those adorable crochet cuddlers or ragdolls? They are so cute and made with only single crochets. This week you will have the chance to design your own flower vase or cactus pots and I will show you how to crochet them. If you like the vase and pots I used above, the patterns will be provided.

Week 3 – Appliques

Week 3 is all about making your painting unique with fun appliques. You can use the patterns provided this week for the cactus and sunflowers or you can find your own applique patterns online to use. I will walk you through how to adjust your hook size and yarn to make the applique fit your paintings.

Week 4 – Embroidering on Crochet and Putting it All Together

I have to say I am looking forward to week 4. I have been wanting to do more tutorials on embroidering on crochet. I have picked out several simple stitches to show you that will really help give your painting that special touch.

This week, I will also provide instructions and tips for finishing up your crochet painting and putting it all together.

How to Get Involved

If you are in love with the project and want to join us on this fun crochet adventure, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of the Crochet A Long. First, sign up for the email newsletter so you are the first to know when a new part is released. join the Facebook Group and share photos as you complete each part of the painting. Pin the image above to your pinterest crochet board and share this video on Facebook to get your friends to crochet along with us!

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below and I hope you enjoy the event.

Materials List

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Just like making a painting, I just kind of grabbed what I needed without measuring how much I used. For the whole project, I used around 300 yds or worsted weight yarn. I will list the most notable colors below but feel free to ask for more details in the comments if you want a specific color. I used this project as a way to use up my yarn stash.

Yarn – Worsted Weight – 300 yds

Red Heart Super Saver Ombre Deep Teal – Used to the sunflower background.
Red Heart Super Saver Stripes Fruity Stripes – Used to create the sunrise in the cactus painting window.
Other Colors for the Sunflower painting include: 3 green tones, an orange, a gold, a cream tone for the case, one yellow tone that was a cotton yarn, light purple, and white. (Feel free to mix up the color to create your own masterpiece).
-Other Colors for the Cactus Painting include: Cream and Tan for walls, Teal for the rug, brown for the window frame, gold, orange and grey for plant pots, 3 green tones for cacti, heather grey for the floor, and hot pink for cactus flowers.

Other Craft Supplies Used

11″x14″ Picture Frame – Optional, but if you want to use one, make sure you have it before you start the project.
Crochet Hook, Size H, 5.0mm  or a hook to reach gauge. We will discuss more about this in week 1.
Yarn Needle
Embroidery Needles
Embroidery Floss – Used for the spines on the cactus.
Straight Pins – Used for pinning pieces in place.
Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue – Optional – We will use this to secure the finished painting to the picture frame backing.
Measuring Tape – This will help you determine if your background is the right size.
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    • I’m Julie, I’m wondering if it would be really hard to change or add lilacs flowers into the flowers I’m making?
      Thank you

      • You are welcome to use any appliques you want. Search pinterest for lilac applique patterns to use. I will cover a little on how to adjust the size of the appliques to make them fit the painting when we get to that week.

    • I would love to do this crochet a long. I am interested in the flower design. Thanks for providing this opportunity to learn a new craft.

    • No you do not have to be on facebook. Just joined the newsletter if you want an email reminder of when a new post comes out or just check the website on the dates listed.

  1. I can’t find the instructions or video tutorials. I signed up for newsletter, pinned the project on my pinterest page and received an email response. I thought today was the start date, January 15th.

    • This is a crochet a long style pattern. So there are actually 4 posts. The first goes over making the background, the second covers making appliques from just single crochets, the third is making the appliques for the flowers and cactus, the fourth covers embroidering on crochet and how to put it all in a frame.

      Above there are links to each post. The links are in pink and I believe say Week 1, Week 2. Though since the CAL is over all the information is available now.

  2. Hi – Thank you for accepting me in your group. I was wondering if I could possibly get the whole written pattern for the crochet paint picture with the flower vase. It was a crochet a long, but I missed that.

    • It is a 4 blog post tutorial. All the posts are still available. The full pattern is there on the posts. I believe there is a post for the materials, one for the background, one for the vase, and one for the flowers and embroidery. It might be more than 4 posts but there should be links to all the posts in every posts.


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