Crochet Advent Calendar Free Pattern

A crochet advent calendar is the perfect holiday decor that you can keep using year after year. I had several advent calendars growing up and as a child, they were a great way to get you excited about the holidays.

This advent calendar works up surprisingly quick with simple 3-row hexagons. You can make this project as complex or simple as you like. I like things simple, so I have included some different ideas to make this project easy.

Advent Calendar: A Family Tradition

When I was little I would always look forward to going to Grandma’s house and putting the little ornaments on the advent calendar. She loved these little things and had several. One of my favorites was an electronic tree that you pushed ornament pegs into and it told you how many days left to Christmas.

My husband’s family also had a traditional advent calendar. Theirs was a big rectangle with a pretty scene on top and pockets at the bottom. There was a little stuffed mouse that you would move from pocket to pocket to show what day it was.

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4 Ways to Set Up your Advent Calendar

I love the versatility and being able to make something your own. So I thought I would share a few ways on how to use the calendar.

1. Ornaments

Like the advent calendar, my grandmother had, you can use ornaments to tell how many days left until Christmas. Just sew 24 buttons onto the tree to hang the ornaments on. You can add the pockets or omit them for this style of calendar. I would suggest adding the pockets for the tree trunk just as a place to store the ornaments. I used this set of mini ornaments for our calendar.

2. Candy or Gifts

You can also tuck a little surprise into each pocket for the kids to receive each day. This is a very traditional version of the advent calendar.

3. Add a Little Mouse or Ginger Bread Man

Like my husband’s family tradition, you can add a cute little character to jump from pocket to pocket to mark what day of the month it is. I really love with quick and easy Gingerbread man by Repeat Crafter Me.

4. Family Tradition Cards

My family is still figuring out our own family traditions. So to help, I decided that each day we would do a small activity to get ready for the holidays. We are placing a little card in each pocket with an easy holiday activity to do each day. This is a great way to start new family traditions.

You will have fun this holiday with the crochet advent calendar free pattern by Winding Road Crochet.  #crochetholiday #crochettree #christmascrochet #adventcalendar

Holiday Tradition Tags

If you are a newsletter subscriber, then you know I love to make printables for my crochet patterns. The crochet advent calendar is no different. I have created 6 sets of printable number tags that can be downloaded below. I hope one of these 6 sets will match your personal style.

I also created printable holiday tradition cards. Boy, did I have fun making these! There are 41 different holiday traditions you can pick from. Just print them, cut them out, and add them to your crochet advent calendar. You will be all ready to have fun for the holidays. Most of these traditions are small and easy to do on a weeknight, just make sure to put the bigger tasks on the weekends.

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Crochet Advent Calendar Pattern

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Materials Needed

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267 yd or 5.11 oz of Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, Medium Thyme
33 yd or .62 oz of Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, Cafe Latte
6 yds of Red Heart Super Saver in Red Heart Super Saver Yarn-Gold
Crochet Hook, Size H, 5.0mm 
Yarn Needle
2-5 Pages of Cardstock (optional)
Printer (optional)
24 Small Red Buttons (optional)
24 Small Ornaments (optional) I used this set!
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Advent Calendar Tags

Stitches and Abbreviations

Ch – Chain
Sc – Single Crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Tr – Treble Crochet
Sk – Skip
St(s) – Stitches
Slst – Slip Stitch
MC – Magic Circle (Learn a new way to make a MC here!)

Difficulty Level – Easy

Gauge and Finished Size

Gauge – 4 Dc x 2 rows = 1″
Final Size – 18″ wide x 23″ tall

Video Tutorial

You will have fun this holiday with the crochet advent calendar free pattern by Winding Road Crochet.  #crochetholiday #crochettree #christmascrochet #adventcalendar

Crochet Advent Calendar Pattern

– Written in US terms.
— There are three different patterns listed below: solid hexagon, and half solid hexagon and star pattern.
– Do not treat your turning chain as a stitch.
– Do not work your last stitch into the turning chain.
– The whole hexagon pattern and the star pattern is worked in one direction.
– When you work your first Dc, make sure to work it into the same stitch you Slip Stitched to in the previous row.

Solid Hexagon Pattern

Make 21 in Green and 3 in Brown.

R1: Working into a MC, Ch2, Work 12 Dc into MC. Slst to first Dc. (12)

R2: Ch2, Dc into first St. *(Dc, Ch2, Dc) into next St, Dc into next St* repeat from *to* a total of 5 times. (Dc, Ch2, Dc) into last St. Slst to first Dc. (18 Dc)

R3: Ch2, Dc into first 2 Sts, *(Dc, Ch2, Dc) into Ch2 space, Dc into next 3 Sts* repeat from *to* a total of 5 times. (Dc, Ch2, Dc) into next Ch2 space, Dc into last St. Slst to first Dc. (30 Dc)

Fasten off and weave in your ends.

Half Hexagon Pattern

Make 21 in Green and 3 in Brown.

Note: This creates the pocket for the advent calendar. If you are using buttons and ornaments this part is optional.

R1: Working into a MC, Ch2, Work 9 Dc into MC. (9)

R2: Ch2, turn Dc into first 2 Sts, (Dc, Ch2, Dc) into next St, Dc into next St, (Dc, Ch2, Dc) into next St, Dc into next St, (Dc, Ch2, Dc) into next St, Dc into last 2 Sts. (12)

R3: Ch2, turn, Dc into first 3 Sts, *(Dc, Ch2, Dc) into next St, Dc into next 3 Sts,* repeat from *to* a total of 3 times. Fasten off and weave in your ends. (18)

You will have fun this holiday with the crochet advent calendar free pattern by Winding Road Crochet.  #crochetholiday #crochettree #christmascrochet #adventcalendar

Star Pattern

R1: Working into a MC, Ch2, Work 15 Dc into MC. (15)

R2: *Ch 5, Working into the Ch you just made, Sc into second Ch from hook. Hdc into next Ch, Dc into next Ch, Tr into next Ch, Skip the next 2 Sts of Row 1, Slst to next St* repeat from *to* a total of 5 times. Slst to the base of the first Ch.

Fasten off and weave in your ends.

Assembling Your Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar Sewing Diagram

Before you start assembling your advent calendar, I highly recommend blocking your pieces. Just get each piece wet, wring out as much water as you can, shape them and lay them flat to dry. Taking time to do this will make your finished project look much nicer.

Now that you have all your pieces, you will want to take one-half hexagon and sew it to the front of a whole hexagon. I used a running stitch to do this. This will create your pocket.

Once all your pockets are sewn on, lay your hexagons out according to the template provided and sew your hexagon pieces together. I used a whip stitch on the back of each solid hexagon and made sure I was only sewing through the solid hexagon and not the half hexagon layer.

Top your tree with the little yellow star and you are almost done.

If you are not familiar with a running stitch or whip stitch you can watch this video tutorial.

Adding the Final Details

Your advent calendar needs to have numbers on it in order to count up or down to Christmas. You could embroider numbers onto the pockets but to make this project a little easier, I created a set of printable number tags. I actually created 6 sets so you will be able to find something that matches your holiday decor.

Just print the tags you want and cut them out. Then using a yarn needle, sew the tag to the front of each pocket.

If you are using the adorable mini ornaments, you will also want to sew a little red button on to each hexagon to give yourself a place to hang the ornaments.

Now your advent calendar is complete and ready to bring you joy all holiday season.

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  1. I absolutely love this! My daughter is all grown up and, although she still lives at home, she works a whole lot, so doing the activities won’t work, but I may just make this and mark the date each day for myself! LOL . Such a cute idea!

    • I did not back mine. You can see a piece of left to the back to help stiffen it or use liquid starch. Honestly I just put a screw in the wall and hung it between a few stitches in the star.

  2. Me encantan tus propuestas y diseños. Gracias por compartir. El calendario y todos los imprimibles son bellos, sólo están en inglés únicamente y como hago para escribirlos en español? . Soy de Argentina. Cariños y excelente Navidad! Besitos 😘


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