6 Free Crochet Patterns to Help the Planet: An Earth Day Roundup

6 Earth Day Free Crochet Patterns to Help the Planet

Celebrate Earth Day this year with these quick and easy free crochet patterns. These patterns will help you recycle, reuse and reduce in your home. Crochet reusable swifter dusters and wet jet refills. Make baskets with your old t-shirts.

Celebrate Earth Day this year by picking up your hook and making one of these reusable free crochet patterns.  It is important for us to use or gifts to take care of our planet.  These patterns will help you throw away less and save you a little money while you are at it. Besides, I am always looking for another excuse to crochet. What about you?

Make up these free crochet patterns and you will reduce your need for purchasing paper towels and swifter refills. Plus the kids can have water ballon fights without little rubber pieces all over the yard. While we are at it, we will give you a way to recycle those old T-shirts that are heading to the bin.

6 Earth Day Free Crochet Patterns to Help the Planet

DIY Reusable Cleaning Cloths

Jamie at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom created these beautiful DIY Reusable Cleaning Cloths free crochet pattern. Crochet cleaning cloths are a great way to reduce how many paper towels you throw away (and purchase.) You can also use cloths like this in your kitchen to dry off your hands after washing them.

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Quick and Thick Duster Cover

Megan from Left in Knots cleverly made these handy Quick and Thick Duster Cover free crochet pattern. These covers will keep your house dust free and and your wallet a little fuller. They take very little yarn and are a great way to use up the that left over Bernat Blanket Yarn you had left over from that blanket you made.

Learn how to make your own reusable crochet wet mop pad! This wet mop pad is designed to fit the standard Swiffer Wetjet.

Reusable Crochet Wet Mop Pad

Next, Brittany over at Just Be Crafty is going to reduce your waste even more by giving you the Reusable Crochet Wet Mop Pad free crochet pattern. The  Swifter pads can be quite pricey and you have to throw it away after every use. That adds up to a lot of money over time.

Are you tired of picking up bits of balloons after a water fight? Get these reusable water balloons, or make your own with this Free crochet pattern!

Reusable Water Ballon Free Crochet Pattern

Ballon fights are fun, but they result in a lot of little rubber pieces all over the yard and they are impossible to get all of them picked up. Amy at Another Mum Fights the Dust puts a stop to that with her Reusable Water Ballon Free Crochet Pattern.

Free crochet pattern for kitchen accessories. Crochet one or all three of these dish drying mats that can be used as dish towels depending on your needs. The three different styles utilize different easy stitches that work up quickly. The cotton yarn is super soft and absorbent. Makes a great housewarming gift.

Dish Drying Mats

Use this free crochet pattern and photo tutorial to upcycle old material into usable baskets.

Erica at Highland Hickory designs is going to help you reduce your water use with her Dish Drying Mats free crochet pattern. If the dish washer isn’t full, just wash those dishes by hand and lay them out on these stylish drying mats. Your water bill will thank you.

Recycle T-shirt Basket Tutorial

Last, wait before you throw out any old T-shirts! Use my Recycle T-shirt Basket Tutorial and free crochet pattern to turn them into useful baskets that will help clean up those clutter spots in your home. These soft baskets are a wonderful way to upcycle and it only takes one T-shirt to make a basket.

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