Crocheter’s New Year’s Resolutions

Woohoo! We made it to 2021! That means it is time to think about what we did this year and what we want to achieve next year! It is time for New Year’s Resolutions!

New Year’s Resolutions are a bit tricky. Some people have given up making them altogether. We like to pick some pretty tough goals. But this year let’s look at enjoying life more and expanding ourselves in the areas we love. 

Yep! Let’s make some Crochet New Year’s Resolutions!

Looking for some New Year's Resolutions you can stick with? Read about the perfect new Year Resolutions for crocheters. These are resolutions you can stitch to like making something for yourself, or learning a new crochet stitch. #crochet

Let’s do this together. Share your goals with us. After reading all the New Year’s Resolutions listed below, print out the checklist located at the end of the post.

Share a photo of your filled out checklist on any social media and tag @windingroadcrochet and share it with us. You can also share it on our Facebook group at Our Crochet Journey.

Then frame your checklist and hang it in your craft room, or tuck it in your crochet journal.

New Year’s Resolutions for Crocheters

Organize your yarn storage for your New Year's Resolutions

Use up __% of my Yarn Stash

Using up 100% is asking a lot but saying I will use up 50% or 25% of my existing yarn stash is a great goal.

Honestly I have stopped buying yarn unless I have a project in mind. Most of the yarn I purchased because it was beautiful is still sitting in my stash. When I find (or dream up) a new project, I tend to go shopping for the perfect yarn. 

Rework this goal to fit you. Maybe commit to using one or two skeins of yarn from your stash a month, or commit to making a scrapghan (scrap yarn afghan). It is up to you.

Do you need more scrap yarn patterns? Let me know in the comments below.

The yarn over slip stitch is an easy crochet stitch that makes a beautiful knit like ribbed texture. This stitch is great for hats, scarves and even sweater. I have a video free right and left handed video tutorial to show you how to crochet this stitch. #howtocrochet #crochet #crochetstitch

Learn a New Stitch

Learning a new stitch is a great new year’s resolution! It is reasonable and obtainable.

Just want to learn one new stitch with lots of potential? 

Come learn the Corner to Corner Crochet Stitch or learn Tunisian Crochet!

New Year's Resolutions

Challenge Yourself 

Challenge yourself is a very personal New Year’s Resolution. You can challenge yourself in many different ways.

Maybe you will tackle a bigger project than you normally would, like a blanket. You could try to make something that you have never made before, like a cardigan or sweater.

Only you know what would be challenging for you. Be brave. Tackle something new. It is ok to fail, but it is good that you tried.

Make Something You Can Wear

This may be a hat, a scarf, or something more challenging like a sweater or cardigan.  It also doesn’t even have to be for you.

Your goals are up to you! This one maybe be a duplicate of the last goal or maybe it will be different. You decide.

Make something wearable like a crochet sweater for your new year's resolutions

Make Something for You

Are you a giver? Someone that constantly makes items for other people. Well maybe it is time to make something for yourself.

It can be large or small, but you deserve to have a beautiful hand made item as well. 

Need some inspiration? Check out all my Free Crochet Patterns.

Learn a New Craft

We are very crafty and creative people. Sometimes we need to take a break from crochet and try something new. Spread or creative wings a bit.

Now, I love to dabble in all sorts of craftiness, but recently I have given myself a new rule. I can try whatever craft I like as long as it is a yarn craft. My craft room is too stuffed, and I have so much yarn that I need to use up. 

I plan to dabble in weaving and maybe a little knitting this year. Let me know in the comments what crafts you may try.

New Year's Resolutions

Organize your Yarn Stash

How is your yarn stash? Are you super organized, barely manageable, or just chaos?

Well I hate to say that I am among the chaos when it comes to my stash. I try and try to keep it under control but something just goes amiss.

It is among my New Year Resolutions to get my whole craft room under control so I can be a more creative and productive person.

Is this the New Year Resolution for you? 

Teach Someone to Crochet

Share your love and passion for crochet with someone else. I am very grateful my Grandmother and Aunt took the time to teach me to crochet. It is a craft that I have enjoyed for so many years. One day I hope to teach my daughter and niece to crochet.

Is there someone in your life that would love to learn? Take the time to teach them. They will be thanking you for years to come for sharing your craft with them.

Finish a Crochet-A-Long (CAL)

The beginning of the year is when a lot of designers announce their crochet a longs. If you have never done a crochet a long, they are a blast.

You get to work a pattern with everyone else all at the same time and that means if you get stuck there is someone (many someones) to help you out!

The crochet community is really a lot of fun to be apart of and this is a great way to get involved.

First Part of a 4 part Crochet A Long. Crochet the Simply Fall Baby dress. This dress is quick and easy and made for beginners. There will be a video tutorial for each part of the Crochet A Long. The free crochet pattern will be released in 4 parts. Join our community as we crochet together. #crochet #freecrochetpattern #CAL #babydress #crochetbabydress

Other Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions

Here are some other ideas for crochet related New Year’s Resolutions.

– Crochet for a Charity.

-Try a New Type of Yarn.

-Start a Crochet Journal.

-Visit a Crochet Group.

-Crochet something you have never crocheted before.

-Invest in a really good set of hooks.

-Finish all Work in Progress projects from 2018.

Looking for some New Year's Resolutions you can stick with? Read about the perfect new Year Resolutions for crocheters. These are resolutions you can stitch to like making something for yourself, or learning a new crochet stitch. #crochet

Anything else?

Did I miss any new year’s resolutions that you had in mind for 2019? I would love to know what is on your goals list. Let me know in the comments below or print out the checklist and share a photo with me on social media! The checklist has an extra spot to add your own goal. 

Crocheter’s New Year Resolutions Checklist

Don’t forget to tag me @windingroadcrochet. I am looking forward to seeing what you add.

Remember to keep your goals reasonable and obtainable. Just like finishing a crochet project, completing a goal will give you a great sense of accomplishment. You can do it! 

Let’s have a great year in 2021!

I want to spend 2021 with you! 

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