Crochet Chick Pattern Mini Easter Basket

This Crochet Chick pattern is perfect for easter or spring decorations. The quick and easy free crochet pattern works up in about 30 minutes and will be a great easter basket filler for any child. Fill this crochet spring chick basket with easter candy to be enjoyed by everyone. 

I was inspired to design this pattern after seeing a little knit chick basket on pinterest. That basket was worked as a flat piece and sewn together. I wanted to make a crochet chick pattern that was beginner friendly and did not require a lot of sewing. Very little sewing is used in this pattern and you can even glue some of the pieces on instead of sewing.


I always have some Red Heart Super Saver on hand. It is a durable yarn that is great for seasonal projects. The little baskets take up such a small amount of yarn and work up so fast. You can easily complete a few in a single evening.

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Crochet Chick Pattern Materials

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35 yards or 0.64 oz Red Heart Super Save in White, Pumpkin or Bright Yellow

Size H 5mm Crochet Hook

Yarn Needle


Very small amount of Yellow or Orange Felt

Small amount of Black Felt or Black Marker

Thread and Sewing Needle


Hot Glue Gun (or another glue)

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Stitches and Abbreviations

Ch – Chain

Sc – Single Crochet

Hdc – Half Double Crochet

Dc – Double Crochet

Slst – Slip Stitch

St – Stitch

R – Row or Round

Gauge and Dimensions

8 Sc = 2 inches

10 rows = 2 inches

Finished Spring Chick Basket measures 5 inches by 4 inches.

Crochet Chick Pattern Video Tutorial


Fill this spring chick basket with candy for an Easter Basket. This Crochet Chick pattern is perfect for easter or spring decorations. The quick and easy free crochet pattern works up in about 30 minutes and will be a great easter basket filler for any child. #crochetchickpattern #crochetchick #springchickbasket

Crochet Chick Pattern


R1: Sc in the second Ch from the hook and in the next 18 Ch. Turn, work a Sc in the other side of the 19 Ch. Slst to the first Sc. (38)

R2-11: Ch1, turn, Sc in each St around. Slst to first Sc. (38)

R12: Ch1, turn, Sc in the next 17 St. Hdc in the next St, work 2 Dc in the next St, Work 2 Dc in the next St, Hdc in the next St. Sc in the next 17 Sts. Slst to the first Sc.

R13: Ch1, turn, Sc in the next 10 Sts. Skip the next 20 sts, Sc in the last 10 Sts, Slst to the first Sc.

R14-19: Ch1, turn, Sc in every St around. Slst to the first Sc.

Fasten off after Row 19 leaving a 7 inch tail.

Use this tail to sew a gathering stitch around the top of the head. Pull tight to create a curved head and sew the opening shut.

Weave in your ends.

Crochet Chick Wing Pattern

Make 2

Ch 8

R1: Sc in the second Ch from the hook. Sc in the next Ch, Hdc in the next 3 Ch, Dc in the next Ch, work 6 Dc in the last Ch, Working down the opposite of the Ch, Dc in the next Ch, Hdc in the next 3 Ch, Sc in the next 2 Ch, Slst to the first Sc. Fasten off. Weave in your ends.

Adding the Details

Next take a small piece of black felt and cut out two 1/4 inch diameter circles for the eyes. You can sew these on or glue them on the the chick. An alternative is to us a black marker to draw on the eyes.

For the beak, take a 1/2 inch square piece of yellow or orange felt. Fold the square in half to create a triangle and trim the edges to create a beak. Sew or glue this felt to the head of your chick.

Now glue or sew on the wings of the chick.

Now your mini spring chick basket is complete.

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  1. Aurora

    March 29, 2019 at 12:31 am

    Hi Lindsey, love the peeps but had a hard time following your pattern. I think what was throwing me off was the word turn in each row. Once I ignored the word turn , I understood what to do. I made one with your instructions and had to sew up seams. made another one w/o turning and had no seams to sew up. Took pics of both of them, just don’t know how to send to your facebook. But I also added a small feather to the tail end and it looks cute. Hope you don’t mind that I added a small detail. You inspire me .

    1. Lindsey

      March 29, 2019 at 3:39 am

      I am so glad you liked the pattern. A feather at the end would be adorable I wish I had thought of it. It is interesting that the word turn was confusing. Were you still joining the rows with a Slip stitch? I was taught to turn at the end of every round, but I do know many patterns do not have you turn and instead you work the whole project in one direction.

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