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Explorer Scarf Pattern

The Explorer Scarf


The explorer scarf is definitely a piece to take on the road or make on the road. It has a simple open weave stitch to help keep you cool on a long hike with a few solid areas to add painted details. Follow the tutorial and I will walk you through how to make and decorate this unique piece.




Materials for Scarf base:

– one skein worsted weight yarn

– one partial skein of contrasting worsted weight yarn

– size H crochet hook

– tapestry needle

Note:  I love how it takes so few items to enhance your wardrobe.


Scarf Base:

There is two ways to start this scarf.

Round 1 Option 1: ch 244, sl st to first chain (make sure not to twist the chain), ch 2 hdc in each ch around, sl st to first hdc.

Round 1 Option 2: ch 3, fhdc , sl st to first fhdc (make sure not to twist the round).

Round 2: Change colors, sl st new color to any hdc of round 1. Ch 3 sk st, (hdc, ch 1 sk st) repeat 14 times, hdc 33 times, ch 1 sk st, (hdc, ch 1 sk st) repeat 71 times, hdc 8 times, ch 1 sk st, (hdc, ch 1 sk st) 15 times, sl st to the second ch in the ch 3.

Note: I do not turn my work in this pattern. In the next 8 rows you will he hdc into the chains of the previous row. I do not stitch around the chain but instead go through the chain with two strabds of yarn on the top and one underneath. Refer to the photo.


Round 3-10: Ch 3, (hdc in the next ch 1 of previous row, ch 1) repeat 14 times, hdc 33 times, ch 1, (hdc in the next ch 1 of previous row, ch 1) repeat 71 times, hdc 8 times, ch 1, (hdc in the next ch 1 of previous row, ch 1) 15 times, sl st to second chain in ch 3.

Round 11: Change colors, sl st to any hdc, ch 3, hdc in each hdc and ch space around, sl st to first hdc. Finish off and weave end the ends.


This is finish the base of the scarf. Next you can make your scarf unique by painting a design on it.

Painting your Scarf!


– sponge brush

– marker

– freezer paper

– acrylic paints or fabric paint

– exacto knife

– your design

– iron

– fabric medium (optional)

Before you paint the scarf, I recommend blocking the scarf by soaking it in water, wringing it out and carefully shaping it before letting it air dry.

I used a fabric medium to soften the feel of the acrylic paint. If you use fabric paint this should not be neccessary. I printed my design out using a font and graphic I found online.

Step 1: Trace your design on to the butcher paper with a marker and cut out carefully using the exacto knife. Make sure to save any middle section like the center of a letter.

Step 2: Carefully place the butcher paper stencil shiny side down and gently iron the stencil to the solid sections of the scarf.

Step 3: Using a sponge brush gently dab at the stencil to spread the paint around. Dabbing will keep you from lifting the butcher paper and give you nice clean lines.

Note: I recommend using a color with lots of contrast to make a statement or a small contrast for a more settle effect. For my scarf I started with a light tan color, then later brushed in more white for a better contrast. I will say brushing paint on to the crocheted surface was not easy.

Step 4: Gently remove the butcher paper, allow the paint to dry and enjoy your scarf.

I truly hope you enjoy your scarf. If you make this pattern I would love to see a picture. Feel free to share it with me @windingroadcrochet on instagram.




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